Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Trip to new look Warhammer World.

Well yeah better late than never, I know it's been re-vamped for some time now but I finally got my chance a few weeks ago to get down and have a look around for myself and WOW!! haven't they done a great job fellas ...it's really awesome!, I took loads of photo's far too many to post up here so I'll just pop up the ones I like the most, and of course I dined out in style at Bugmans.

Pick heavy, you have been warned.

 Some lovely displays, Red Square anyone.

 Assault Ram one day you will be mine ...Muhahahah.

 Some awesome battle scenes on show.

 ....but none bigger than this, Truly Awesome!!

  How much??

 Nasty Nid!

 Love this silver.

That's all folks...till next time ;)


  1. Quite jealous. Thanks for the beautiful shots!

  2. Thank you for posting those pics!
    Someday I'l get over there. It's equivalent to a trip to Mecca for us GW nerd. Memphis has nothing on Nottingham

  3. Clearly You have not been to Nottingham Robert, lol.

    They have done a great job on the rooms/displays and have some awesome armies on show, Should you get the chance go for it.