Sunday, October 4, 2015

Iron Warriors: Siege tank drama!.

So then guys I'm a little sad to say that I had to send the Typhon tank back to Forge World, It's not that I dont like the model wouldn't bought it if I thought that the problem was one side of the tank was 5mm longer than the other also the tracks were really bad no mater how much I washed them I couldn't get that shine off, I rang FW about it and they told me to send it back, They said that sometimes when pieces were taken out of the moulds at different times they expand differently, Which is fair enough and they were great about it so I'm waiting for the replacement.

The silver lining to this little set back is that the new Typhon tanks come with tracks moulded on JOY!! cant tell you how happy I am with that news, Glass half full!

Take a look....

...and the back, spot on.

The yellow squares are 10mm, check the right front road wheel drive.


  1. What? The new tanks have the tracks moulded on???? That's worth returning it just for that!!!

  2. Ha ha ...wait... yeah they will be loads sent back and probanly by the time i get mine back it maybe plastic lol.