Monday, October 5, 2015

WIP: Iron Warriors, paint palette sorted.

So then guys over the past week or so I've been scraping mould lines off  30 MkII Marines with a view to building two 10 man tac squads and one 10 man plasma support squad for the Proteus Land Raiders, It's been truly time consuming effort I can tell you but one that needs to be done for the best possible results.

On with the test miniature, After a couple of fails I finally settled on a colour scheme and felt brave enough to try it on one of the FW mini's, It's a first for me using Tamiya paints but I think the fininsh is really good and I was surprised how easy they were to use in the airbrush although they are quite smelly.

The base that the miniature is standing on is one that I think I'll go with, again after a few test pieces.

I'm pretty happy with the look of both model and base and how they sit together well in contrast of each other, I will however be blending the lower half of the leg plates (shins) in with the base slightly using the same powders as is on the base itself.

A few other pictures of the final test Iron Warrior.

Right then now the hard (fun) work starts, I've got the colours and method sorted so on with the other 29, Already started pinning minis to corks and given a few of them the first coats, Should hopefully have the first squad up soon.


  1. Jamie...that iron warrior came out absolutely beautiful. Really great work. Just so clean with excellent contrast. The metallics look awesome!

    1. Cheers Greg, I'm really happy with them myself, cant wait to get the first squad done and see how they all look together.