Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Scythes Assault Marine.

First of the Squad....

Hi Guys this is the first model of a small squad of Scythes assault marines that Im incorporating into the "Project Dreadnought" display base.

I will be using Forge World jump packs for the models and two of their flamers, I think the flamers look really cool and are all the better for being held in one hand, this gives me the chance for Chainswords in the other.

I've tried to create some dynamic poses for the assault squad and are quite happy with how they turned out, note the kit bashed chainsword on the Sergeant.

A few pictures of the first completed assault marine.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Space Hulk Bases pt2.

  Sci Fi Deck Bases part 2.....

Hi Guys, well I've completed a set of Sci Fi deck bases from Dark Art Miniatures and I've got to say Im rather happy with them, only one of these bases had any sort of number/letter incorporated within it so I made a trip down to my local hobby store and bought a set of rubber stamps, really easy to use just paint the stamp a desired colour and stamp the base, I washed the stamped numbers afterwards with Earthshade to weather it slightly, I did this to make sure I had yellow on all bases to tie them together.

I thought I might give OSL lighting a shot for the first time on the larger base and think it turned out quite well, all I did was gently drybrush Moot Green in the direction the light would fall.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Space Hulk Bases pt1.

  How to paint simple Sci Fi Deck Bases.....

Hi Guys I've had these Dark Art Miniatures sci fi deck bases for a while and now think its time to paint them as I have a little project in mind, more on that later, but for now I thought I would post a little Tutorial on how to paint these bases simply and effectively without taking any attention away from the models that will sit upon them.

The moulded bases themselves are for the most part of good quality, there were a few air holes which I filled with green stuff and a piece of the small cable on the larger base had come away, again this was easy to rectify, so all in all I was happy with them.

I will only be using a few colours and a couple of washes to achieve this effect and the main technique used is drybrushing so I think it would be easy to replicate these bases if you so wished.

First of all I undercoated with grey auto primer from Halfords, Im using this as my basecoat.

I then washed the whole base with a generous amount Nuln Oil, when dry washed it again with Agrax Earthshade.

Again when dry I drybrushed the whole base in order with Skavenblight Dinge, Dawnstone and Administratum Grey paying particular attention to small raised detail and the rim with the Admin Grey.

I then gave the power cable a base coat of Averland Sunset.

I painted the base coated power cable with Flash Gitz Yellow and washed it with Earthshade, I also used Earthshade along the sides of the power cable and on various bits of detail such as around the bolt holes and along the deck plate gap.

I then applied a little extra drybrushing with Administratum Grey and painted the base rim with Vallejo model colour black, the rest of the colours are from Games Workshops range.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Space Marine Battles Artwork.

Jon Sullivan's Artwork.....

I've recently stumbled across this outstanding artwork by Jon Sullivan depicting the Scythes of the Emperor.

Maybe its the Scythes last stand on Sotha or Thorcyra's heroic rear guard action at Giants Coffin in any case the end looks near for these few brave marines.

Close up pictures, its great to see the Scythes getting some love and attention, Original artwork can be found via GW 's Black library titled Space Marine Battles Artwork, Link below.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Orphans of Kraken.

by Richard Williams.

Hi guys, well I've just returned home from a lovely family holiday and with what limited spare time I had I read what I consider a great short story by Richard Williams titled "Orphans of the Kraken".

The storys main charactor is Brother Sergeant Tiresias of the Astartes Chapter Scythes of the Emperor, he is one of the last few remaining Scythes from their destroyed home world of Sotha and now finds himself reluctantly commanding the 21st Salvation Team, a team of  Neophytes who by the most part were spared the full horror of Krakens relentless advance and as a result are a little too cock sure of themselves.

Salvation Teams directives are to find survivors onboard dead Tyranid bio-ships, those Sotha Veterans that lead these teams see it more of a salvage mission finding weaponry and armour and not fitting of an Astartes who in their opinion should carry the fight to the end and not rebuild the Chapter as Master Tharsius wishes, there lies the conflict in the chapter, a chapter on the brink of extinction and one mans desire to rebuild.

The plot twists and turns and so not wanting to spoil I'll leave it there, needless to say I think it was a great read and adds alot of depth to an already great chapter, a must for Scythes fans!.