Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Space Hulk Bases pt2.

  Sci Fi Deck Bases part 2.....

Hi Guys, well I've completed a set of Sci Fi deck bases from Dark Art Miniatures and I've got to say Im rather happy with them, only one of these bases had any sort of number/letter incorporated within it so I made a trip down to my local hobby store and bought a set of rubber stamps, really easy to use just paint the stamp a desired colour and stamp the base, I washed the stamped numbers afterwards with Earthshade to weather it slightly, I did this to make sure I had yellow on all bases to tie them together.

I thought I might give OSL lighting a shot for the first time on the larger base and think it turned out quite well, all I did was gently drybrush Moot Green in the direction the light would fall.


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