Friday, December 5, 2014

Airbrush Respirators.

So guys I'm planning on buying a Airbrush in the new year for my models and this got me thinking about safe breathing while using one, so I've done a little research and this is what I've found out.

In the past I've mostly basecoated my mini's using aerosol paint tins from various manufactures in my garage, I think most people start this way as its cheaper to buy one tin rather than an airbrush and everything that goes with it, having said that over the last two years I could well of bought a airbrush set up with the amount of money I've spent on aerosols, yeah hindsight's a great thing but its not going to get my money back anyway guys I'll get back on track with the post when I did basecoat my mini's I did so wearing one of those paper dust masks you know the type, elastic round the back of the head little metal strip that pinches over your nose, cheap as chips and totally inadequate for the job!!.

Why so inadequate then, sure spray paints not good for you but I was only ever in the garage for five minutes so it's not that bad right!, well here's why folks, you may have noticed when priming or basecoating that a cloud of propellant and paint vapour from the tin just kind of hangs in the air for a while well this stuff has within it Toluene and Acetone (and sometimes Xylene or Mineral Spirits) and your don't want to inhale that if you care for your health, also that spray paint smell, that unique odor, that's Toluene and its highly toxic, I'm not going to go into the grim details of what this stuff does to your lungs but needless to say I've now got a proper respirator on the way to me and I wont be basecoating anything till it arrives.

So then I've found a great kit on ebay containing a VOC filter mask (Volatile Organic Compound).
  • 3M 7502 (medium size) half mask.
  • 3M 6001CN- Organic Vapour Filter.
  • 3M 5925 Particulate Pre-Filters.
  • 3M501 Pre Filter Retainers. 

Confused?, well so was I, the mask is the part that goes around your head, yeah I got that bit too, the Organic Vapour Filters and Particulate Pre-Filters go inside the Retainers which are then clipped to both sides of the mask.

Well guys I'm sure this new item will be part of my routine soon enough but I will say I'll give thought to different filters for the mask when using different products ie solvents and cleaners to mention just a few.