Saturday, April 30, 2016

Warhammer Fest: I'm going!

So then fellas I thought it was about time that I went along to one of these events and why not pop my cherry on the biggest one this year.

Really looking forward to it as it's only two weeks away now, a little bit giddy, and got my ticket through the post yesterday, Expect loads of photo's from displays and mini's from the Forge World seminar...what will be in the pipe next 30k wise.

Yet another event mini that I'll be picking up now ...hands off my money ebay, Lovely looking mini this He's Tylos Rubio really like how understated he is so unfussy and great paint job to boot.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Event Exclusive Miniature.

Hi guys, This little mini is doing the rounds all over the interweb and seems like it's the new Event mini on sale at this years Warhammer Fest.

Looks like he's a generic Siege Breaker and with a few twists could make a great IW's Breaker for my HH project although I'll be paying through the nose for it as I aren't going to the event sob...ebay take my money sob, Strange that it looks like he's on a 32mm base, Do like the chest plate it reveals more of the face which I will change but yeah love shall be mine :)

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Unboxing: Imperial Knights Renegade.

Hi guys, Well then Imperial Knight miniatures from Games Workshop (Warhammer) and Forge World have been around for ages know and although I've always wanted to own and paint one there's often been it seems more important models to purchase for me.....until now.

So then on with the unboxing and I've got to say this box set is terrific value as are alot of deals GW have on in store at the moment, You essentially get a Knight and terrain piece for twenty five pounds and further reductions can be had from independent retailers so quids in.

You get all the sprues you need for two Knights to make both the Errant and Paladin one of each or two of the same it's up to you, Also a separate Warden sprue but just one of these plus you get the bases and the smallest transfer sheet known to man...not so good.

For the little extra touch you also find the Sanctum Imperialis terrain piece...why not, and all the instructions.

So then the game...will anyone be playing it or like me and see this set as a cheap way of buying Knights, Whatever your motive there is a game here I've had a slight look in the rule book (not bothered really) which isn't many pages thick missions etc so I think would be quite easy to pick up if that's your thing, You do get a couple of A4 Knight damage cards which look good and your probably better to get those laminated if your serious about the game.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Iron Warriors: Iron Circle Automata.

So then guys seems the new Iron Circle miniatures will be up for sale at next months Warhammer fest shame for me that I wont be attending (must get down to one of these events some day) but I'm sure it wont be too long before it's on sale for the masses.

Anyhow I'm in no rush to buy these fellas as I've already got loads of IW's minis to paint but when I do I'll opt for four of them to go along with Pturbo as his personal body guard.

Got to say that I'm loving the aesthetics of this miniature which are clearly based on the Mechanicum's Domitar Battle Automata which is no bad thing as they are also great.

Nice to see the IV transfer on the breast plate  (bit like my Contemptor, could i be a trendsetter ;)  and think I'll do the same, Paint job's ok but base is a tad boring, I'm borderline with the chevrons on this mini i think anymore and it's too much having said that it's a big old mini and you need to break up all that silver some how.

Looking forward to getting my hands on these Awesome machines...Iron Within.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

WIP: Iron Warriors Tac Squad.

So then guys a few more Tac's done to fill the ranks of the mighty Iron Warriors.

It's funny because as I paint more and add them to the growing number to me they start to look better and better, I think this is true of all projects once you go past a certain number of minis.

These guys to start with will be split into two ten man squads, I do have plans to max out one of the squads to twenty later on but thats way off  first things first two ten man Tac squads and a Plasma support squad, Anyway hope you like them.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Magnetized: Dreadnought Drop Pod build.

Hi guys, I've been after one of these well frankly enormous Dread-Pods for a while now for my Iron Warriors Leviathan thinking not many parts equals easy build....yeah right.

This thing was straight up the single worst FW kit I've bought so far and now it's all built I'm still not happy with it, The fact the doors aren't spot on with the frame is so annoying but hey it's done now so I'll deal with it.... all I can say is I'm over the moon that my plans for this project don't include anymore lol, Don't get me wrong I love the aesthetics of Forge World miniatures but this model left me a little disappointed.

As you can see with the single marine for scale the Dreadnought Drop Pod is massive!!

I pinned the life out of this model at the six contact areas between the engine mount the three uprights and the base plate I then after gluing left it to dry overnight with elastic bands pulling everything together tight.

After wards I went around all the gaps filling them with greenstuff.

The Drop Pod comes with very weedy hinges which snap all the time (see face book and various forums it's a fact!) leaving you with a newly painted broken Pod...not good, So rather than having removable doors due to poor design  I thought I would magnetize them at the hinge point.

I used 3mm/2mm mags on the base plate and 5mm/2mm mags on the doors, The base plate magnets were easy to place just a bit of green stuff and press the magnet in then with a wet blade slice to clean it up job done.

The magnets on the doors were altogether different to attach as I had to make space for the magnet to sit perfectly, To do this I cut off the resin pin that sticks out of the door hinge and drilled a pilot hole in the centre with my biggest pin vice drill bit, After that I used my Dremel and carving burr bit to carefully create a hole large enough for the magnet to fit, Then all I needed to do was get all the polarity's right, Sorted.

Friday, April 1, 2016

WIP: Iron Warriors Tac Squads.

Hi guys, Just a short post today bringing you up to speed with progress on my two Tac Squads for the Iron Warriors project.

I'm very happy with how these Tac Marines are turning out, I've done the odd kit-bash and conversion just to make things a little different but mostly kept them standard out of the box.

Although all the Marines have Chevrons I've purposely kept them to a minimum so they don't overwhelm the silver and black colour scheme placing them in places such as knee pads shin plates and chest areas.

Horus Heresy Iron Warriors don't really need Vexillas as they re-group from gun fire no matter what the casualties but I think they look great and are very iconic so why not, Again I've used things laying around in this build as the banners were made from old coffee cup lids.

For the two Tac Sergeants I've used Deathguard and Sons of horus torsos again just to mix things up a tad, Really happy with the kit-bashed power weapon on the first sarg, The Mech hand is from a 40k Servitor and the weapon is a FW Power Axe.

Getting some paint on these mini's now to finish off the two squads.

Also got the last of the bases done including the ten i need for my Plasma support squad.