Friday, April 1, 2016

WIP: Iron Warriors Tac Squads.

Hi guys, Just a short post today bringing you up to speed with progress on my two Tac Squads for the Iron Warriors project.

I'm very happy with how these Tac Marines are turning out, I've done the odd kit-bash and conversion just to make things a little different but mostly kept them standard out of the box.

Although all the Marines have Chevrons I've purposely kept them to a minimum so they don't overwhelm the silver and black colour scheme placing them in places such as knee pads shin plates and chest areas.

Horus Heresy Iron Warriors don't really need Vexillas as they re-group from gun fire no matter what the casualties but I think they look great and are very iconic so why not, Again I've used things laying around in this build as the banners were made from old coffee cup lids.

For the two Tac Sergeants I've used Deathguard and Sons of horus torsos again just to mix things up a tad, Really happy with the kit-bashed power weapon on the first sarg, The Mech hand is from a 40k Servitor and the weapon is a FW Power Axe.

Getting some paint on these mini's now to finish off the two squads.

Also got the last of the bases done including the ten i need for my Plasma support squad.


  1. Have you got any advice on how to paint small chevrons like on the shoulder pads? I've always found it difficult to keep a hand steady enough to paint straight black lines onto the yellow (without it looking bad, anyway). I could be creative with masking tape, but I reckon there must be a better way to achieve it.

    1. Hi Revan88,

      One of the reasons I dont paint chevrons on pads apart from I like them being black is because it's very hard to keep them looking right around the curve of the pad not that I've tried you understand it's just what i hear on forums/facebook etc but If i were to give it a go I would most likely use Tamiya tape and airbrush.

      All I can say is that your on the right lines painting yellow first and then the black stripes, What I do with my IW's, and its all freehand, is to start the first black stripe in the middle and get that thickness right then judge the others working out wards on both sides, All mistakes are then weathered/battle damage and so on to get the look, To be honest in my world (lol) they shouldn't all be the same anyway as the marines paint them on theirself and each one is different.

      One thing that may help for the steady hand and I suffer from that as well is to have half a larger I dont do this myself ;) but a friend of mine swears by it.

      Hope that helps mate.

  2. Looking great Jamie.

    Subtle suggestion from the display case at adepticon...

    "Have you noticed that everything always looks grimy and gritty on the model, but no one ever has a battle damaged banner?"

    1. Cheers Greg.

      True alas it's a little too late I think to be hacking at the plastic but yeah for sure It wont be just off the line.