Sunday, April 10, 2016

WIP: Iron Warriors Tac Squad.

So then guys a few more Tac's done to fill the ranks of the mighty Iron Warriors.

It's funny because as I paint more and add them to the growing number to me they start to look better and better, I think this is true of all projects once you go past a certain number of minis.

These guys to start with will be split into two ten man squads, I do have plans to max out one of the squads to twenty later on but thats way off  first things first two ten man Tac squads and a Plasma support squad, Anyway hope you like them.


  1. What colours did you use for the copper trim on the pauldrons?

    1. Hi Revan88,

      Yeah I've allways struggled with gold you know getting it looking anything like anyhow I use the new Liberator gold from GW which is well worth the extra money along with a few other washes/colours.

      Two thin coats of Lib gold over black.
      50/50 wash of Nuln oil/Earthshade.
      Drybrush Lib gold then Leadbelcher picking out the edges and rivets with the silver.
      Army painter strongtone in the groves.

      Hope that helps.

  2. Some very lovely painted iron hands!!! Can i be cheeky and ask for your recipe for the silver at all???? Max

    1. Should have a few tutorials coming up soon Max and that will be one of them so watch this space...IRON WARRIORS!!!! ;)

  3. yes my mistake, black and silver kept popping into my head!!! Iron within!!!