Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Magnetized: Dreadnought Drop Pod build.

Hi guys, I've been after one of these well frankly enormous Dread-Pods for a while now for my Iron Warriors Leviathan thinking not many parts equals easy build....yeah right.

This thing was straight up the single worst FW kit I've bought so far and now it's all built I'm still not happy with it, The fact the doors aren't spot on with the frame is so annoying but hey it's done now so I'll deal with it.... all I can say is I'm over the moon that my plans for this project don't include anymore lol, Don't get me wrong I love the aesthetics of Forge World miniatures but this model left me a little disappointed.

As you can see with the single marine for scale the Dreadnought Drop Pod is massive!!

I pinned the life out of this model at the six contact areas between the engine mount the three uprights and the base plate I then after gluing left it to dry overnight with elastic bands pulling everything together tight.

After wards I went around all the gaps filling them with greenstuff.

The Drop Pod comes with very weedy hinges which snap all the time (see face book and various forums it's a fact!) leaving you with a newly painted broken Pod...not good, So rather than having removable doors due to poor design  I thought I would magnetize them at the hinge point.

I used 3mm/2mm mags on the base plate and 5mm/2mm mags on the doors, The base plate magnets were easy to place just a bit of green stuff and press the magnet in then with a wet blade slice to clean it up job done.

The magnets on the doors were altogether different to attach as I had to make space for the magnet to sit perfectly, To do this I cut off the resin pin that sticks out of the door hinge and drilled a pilot hole in the centre with my biggest pin vice drill bit, After that I used my Dremel and carving burr bit to carefully create a hole large enough for the magnet to fit, Then all I needed to do was get all the polarity's right, Sorted.


  1. I finally saw one of these (or multiple) at adepticon...then I saw the super dreadclaw thing with all the missiles...HOLY !@&$)!. I can't even imagine assembling that after working on this.