Sunday, December 13, 2015

WIP: Iron Warriors Leviathan.

Hi guys, The Leviathan Wow!!, I've had this kit for a few weeks now but didn't do much with it apart from clean it up etc, I ordered it on pre-order but had to wait for a replacement left leg as the one I had that came with the kit was all floppy rather like rubber very strange.

So then how to Iron Warrior's the life out of it and make some of those clean lines blend in to fit the style of my other walkers (only have one painted so far but there's more on the way) well it seems all you need is rivet heads and yogurt pot's.

As you can see I've not gone too mad with the the strips of plastic (cheers Muller light) this is mainly due to me liking the general shape of the Leviathan and also the old adage "less is more" got to know when to stop right.

Just like the Contemptor the miniature is very poseable and so with that in mind I thought I would have the big guy stepping up slightly looking to take a pot shot at something.

Little shot of how the Leviathan looks on the base, not all the modifications were made to the Dread at this point.

All the parts ready for priming just got to wait for a break in the weather, Still waiting on a part before i attach the knee armour plates.