Thursday, August 21, 2014

Devastator Conversion.

Hi guys, just a little conversion for a small Devastator Squad I have on the painting table right now, I've just finished the first one a thought I would share with you some progress pictures.

As you may know the Scythes of the Emperor chapter is seriously low on numbers and so to maximise squads in Battle Company Scythes Techmarines have devised small tracked weapon carriers named Mdar's ( Mobile Detection and Response System ) to prop up numbers in Devastator squads, while not totally autonomous these machines of death can track enemy movement and relay battlefield information back to the sergeants signum, then upon the sergeants command the Target is eliminated.

The bits I used for this conversion are a Space Marine Epic Landraider and a Hunter Killer missile unit from a Rhino.

The conversion was really easy to do just a little cutting with my model knife and some mold line removal.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Project Dreadnought pt4.

Part four.....


Hi, well I've finished my Scythes Venerable Dreadnought (at last) and I'm really quite chuffed with it, in this part "part four" I'm going to briefly explain what I've done with the arms and how I attached them to the Dread torso.

First up the chainsword arm, I wanted something that showed it meant business!, with this being the main Dreadnought for the chapter I'm creating I've gone all out and armed him with a weapon that could easily dispatch Tyranids large or small with ease.

The arm is from Blood Angel Dread sanded flat at the end with a FW chainsword glued to it.

I then used a lenght of guitar string for power cable and bent it in such a way that it looked like it had plenty of slack, I did this because the weapon looks like it has the ability to thrust back and forth.

Using various sized plastic tube I made two cable connector's and something to gather the cable so it didn't drag on the floor.
Painting the arm was really straight forward, I used GW's black spray basecoat and Leadbelcher with two washes to make the metal tones different, Nuln Oil and Earthshade.

The other technique's I've used here are explained in parts 1 to 3.

For the ranged weapon arm I wanted something really beefy and the Assault Cannon that came with the kit didn't quite cut it for me, so I turned to Forge World and bought myself a Kheres pattern Assault Cannon that usually fits to Contemptor Dreadnoughts.

Personally I think this things a total beast and just what I'm looking for for my Scythes Dreadnought.

The arm itself was made by cutting off the lower half of an Ironclads right close combat arm, then I made a flat base on the underside with a thin piece of plastic card, this was done so it was possible to glue the Assault Cannon underneath the Ironclads arm.

Really straight forward conversion.

Again I used GW's black basecoat spray and the same painting technique's as used for the chainsword arm.

The heat stained Gun barrels I think look quite effective on the Assault Cannon.

I have done a short Tutorial on how to achieve this look, click the link at the bottom of this post to access this information.

I tried a dry fit of the Dreadnought arms and thought they looked a tad ridged and unnatural, so I went about adding a little conversion to the torso so when the arms were attached they would be at slight angles.

This was easy to do, I just cut a piece of plastic tube that I had judged to be the right diameter at an angle, glued it on, then rolled out several pieces of green stuff and carefully wrapped it round.

I thought I would show a photo of the conversion painted before the arm is attached, it clearly shows the angle that the arm will follow.

I was really happy with this little conversion and  will replicate this on other Dreadnoughts I will paint.

Hope you like the Dread guys.

Link to Heat Stained Barrels.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Heat stained 40k Gun barrels.

  Easy Gun Barrel Staining......

Hi Guys, well Im nearing the end of my Dreadnought project and when it came to painting the Assault cannon I thought I would go the extra mile in painting the barrels.

Normally I just apply Leadbelcher and wash with a drybrush afterwards and this is fine but for this Dreadnought I wanted a little more and so I searched the Internet for inspiration and found this picture of a heat stained exhaust, it perfectly illustrates the colour bands during extreme heat.

Replicating this banding was relatively easy, clearly I've not gone as bright with my effort as I just wanted to hint at the colour distortion.

First off I painted the barrels as normal, Leadbelcher, Nuln Oil wash and drybrush belcher.

Leaving a small area of Leadbelcher free from ink at the dangerous end I applied in order working back, Drakenhof Nightshade, Druchii Violet and Seraphim Sepia in equal parts.

When dry I diluted Sepia with water and dragged it backwards from the original Sepia wash, but not past half way, the Sepia watered down helped blend the colour into the Lead belcher as though the metal had started to cool at that point.

I then drybrushed the end with Leadbelcher making sure I blended into the first wash, Drakenhof Nightshade, best I could.

Finally I drybrushed a little Runefang Steel to the extreme edges at the end of the barrels.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Warhammer World.

   First Visit....

Hi Guys, well this was my first trip to Warhammer World and I had a great time, the staff were really helpfull as were several fellow hobbyists I spoke to.

Im not sure what I was expecting when I finally arrived but I've got to say the whole place was bigger than I thought with at least three large buildings that I could see only one of which could be entered by the public, the visitors center "Warhammer World".

This is really cool a true scale Rhino a.p.c. !, nice weathering!!.

As you walk in the main door and up the stairs to the first landing you are confronted by four large wall plaques inscribed with the names of "Slayer Sword Winners" from as far back as 1987.

When you get to the first floor your met by this guy!.

Through the door on the first floor and you have a very large games room and hobby shop where Forge World products are for sale as well as everything you would find in your standard Games Workshop.

Beyond the games room you have the much famed "Bugmans Bar", food was very good for what it was and great value too, £30 for drinks and dinner for four people, and the portions were generous too, didn't take pictures inside people eating and all that but here's a pic of the entrance from outside.

Picked up a little metal Bugman mini as a souvenir from the shop inside the bar.

Second floor is where you find the Gallery with all the glass display cabinets, I thought the models were crammed in a bit here and the room could of done with being twice as big, maybe they will get around to it one day, anyhow needless to say I took loads of photos here and could fill many posts with them so I'll just pick a few to give you guys who may not of been yet a taster.

Impressive stuff!!.