Friday, August 1, 2014

Warhammer World.

   First Visit....

Hi Guys, well this was my first trip to Warhammer World and I had a great time, the staff were really helpfull as were several fellow hobbyists I spoke to.

Im not sure what I was expecting when I finally arrived but I've got to say the whole place was bigger than I thought with at least three large buildings that I could see only one of which could be entered by the public, the visitors center "Warhammer World".

This is really cool a true scale Rhino a.p.c. !, nice weathering!!.

As you walk in the main door and up the stairs to the first landing you are confronted by four large wall plaques inscribed with the names of "Slayer Sword Winners" from as far back as 1987.

When you get to the first floor your met by this guy!.

Through the door on the first floor and you have a very large games room and hobby shop where Forge World products are for sale as well as everything you would find in your standard Games Workshop.

Beyond the games room you have the much famed "Bugmans Bar", food was very good for what it was and great value too, £30 for drinks and dinner for four people, and the portions were generous too, didn't take pictures inside people eating and all that but here's a pic of the entrance from outside.

Picked up a little metal Bugman mini as a souvenir from the shop inside the bar.

Second floor is where you find the Gallery with all the glass display cabinets, I thought the models were crammed in a bit here and the room could of done with being twice as big, maybe they will get around to it one day, anyhow needless to say I took loads of photos here and could fill many posts with them so I'll just pick a few to give you guys who may not of been yet a taster.

Impressive stuff!!.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing pictures from your trip as I have always wanted to go. I am very interested in the picture of the Slayer Sword Plaque. Is there any way you could send me the full res version? If you have more than one picture I would appreciate that as well.

    Thank you! Todd