Friday, February 27, 2015

Scythes base design.....take two.

Hi guys well it's a take two on the old bases I've gone slightly lighter with this one thinking it will achieve a better contrast between miniature and base.

Same method really, three greys drybrushed up (all be them lighter) from a black basecoat with two washes and two powders added (trying to keep them simple), anyhow take a look for yourself guys.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Scythes of the Emperor Tactical Squad kit-bash.....first of three.

Hi guys, well then as the title suggests this is the first of three tactical squads that I have planned for the new Scythes 1850pt army it's the smallest of the three squads at just six marines but don't be fooled folks as there kitted out for close quarter heat toting a Flamer and Combi-Flamer.

For this new Scythes project I plan on kit-bashing most if not all my marines taking full advantage of various marks of armour from Forge World and Games Workshop to emphasize the wombling nature of the Scythes of the Emperor, even though they are just tactical marines I want to project an elite battle hardened look to the force which in my opinion is the way to go given they would be part of the 130 or so marines that lived after the withdrawal at Giants Coffin, only the cream and the lucky survived you see.

Anyway guys time for some pictures, nothings painted up as yet but there here and stuck together with bluetac for your enjoyment :)

I'm still working on the new yellow for the Scythes but have the Black and new base design just about nailed.

I had loads of tactical marine bits and pieces laying around but wouldn't you know it not enough arms so I bought another tac marine box (my first of the new ones) and loved the new heads especially the one with the large re-breather, also liked the hand with the bolter magazine, just had to use it.

I've added various packs and grenades to their belts this time around to hopefully add a little more interest and to once again project that well equipped elite feel to the marines.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New style bases for my Scythes.

Hi guys, well then with some new looking Scythes on the horizon I think its only fitting that I should spruce up their bases and so I'm around 90% sure I'll be opting for the old urban decay rubble type bases with the odd bit of rusty iron and battlefield debris thrown in for good measure.

I'm sad to see the Martian bases go but I think sometimes a change is good an it's kind of got me re-energized for the project so it's all good.

So then on to the test piece, it's your standard 28mm GW base that I've used for this but I will say now that all my new Scythes will be mounted on the new 32mm bases (just ordered a shed load of them from GW), I'm using the new size for two being that it gives you more scope for modelling and the second is to kind of future proof them to a degree as I hear that when the current stock of marines sell all new boxes will be packaged with the new size bases.

Anyhow guys that's enough base size talk on with the pic's.

As I say it's just a little test piece, it's basically black basecoat drybrushed up with increasingly lighter shades of grey (not fifty) with a couple of washes added and a little weathering powder, not so sure about the colour of that pipe as it stands out a little too much for my liking but this is the type of thing I'm aiming for, hope you like it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Airbrush Trials...Oh dear!!

Oh dear indeed guys this airbrush stuff isn't as easy as you think......well I knew it wouldn't be I'm old enough to understand that you can't just pick something up and be an expert right away.

Anyhow fellas I thought I would post up a few pic's of my first attempt at pre-shading, I'm not 100% sure I'll opt for pre-shading when it comes to painting up vehicles but wanted to give it a blast.

This is an old Rhino that I had bought over a year ago and totally wrecked the front of it with a tin of Army Painters daemonic yellow a product I might add that needs a post all of its own but needless to say I'm glad those rattle can days are behind me.

So then on to the horror show........

As you can see my technique and expertise need attention, I basecoated one side of this test piece with vallejo white primer which went on very smooth (alot better than GW's white primer can) and then attempted the undershading with vallejo burnt umber, I'll be honest I found it difficult to precisely aim the spray and in parts I sprayed to much resulting in little tide marks forming (see above pic near exhaust vent), also I think my psi was too high at 30 as I noticed the odd paint splatter fly from the brush nozzle.

The next stage was a top coat of GW's yriel yellow which again went on really smooth, two things I've noticed here are although the pre-shade went on in a frankly haphazard way the top coat to a large extent has covered it up which makes me think that if I take a little more care and with a bit more experience this technique should look fine, the second thing I noticed was that the shaded area had a strange green tone to it and I'm not really sure why.

Anyway I've ordered a couple more Vallejo primers ( IDF Sand & Desert Sand) because I think the yellow is a little too bright when sprayed over white, so more tests to come folks and hopefully some better results.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Happy days....first Airbrush bought!

Hi guys, yes happy days indeed as I've finally got my hands on my very first Airbrush and I can't tell you how chuffed I am right now, anyhow I've had the kit out of their various boxes put things together and tested....well air's coming out and the regulator works not done any painting as yet because of work and home life but the weekends mine (ish).

Right then loads of pictures for your perusal.

After lots of time reading and watching various reviews I ended up buying the Sparmax TC-610H compressor and the Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Silverline 2in1 airbrush, the Brush comes with two needles 0.2mm & 0.4mm and two cups 2ml & 5ml, it also has paint adjusting control and quick release tail.

The compressor comes with a 2.5 litre tank (something I found out is that you really need a tank with compressors) and is alot quieter than I thought it would be when it kicks in, the regulator came separate and had to be attached but one screw so easy then, it was quite weighty which is usually a sign of quality and also looks like it has another hose attachment just to the left so two brushes can be ran at the same time.

The compressor also came with a hose, couldn't tell you if this is a standard hose or not but it's a nice touch that it's coiled, I got a few other bits with my order, a quick release valve and the H&S brush cleaning kit.

I also got this cleaning station with the package, not so sure what the plastic tub it came in inside the box is for, maybe it's to put the pot in if it begins to smell to much.....but then you would empty it right!, anyhow you get another four little filters and a further rubber seal.

On to the brush itself......WOW it's gorgeous so tactile and beautifly chromed, it's a little more money than I wanted to spend on my first brush but hey get the best you can afford right and hopefully it should last, forgot to mention so I'll say it here the second needle comes with another brush tip.

The reason I opted for Harder & Steenbeck in the end over other brush manufacturers is the fact that they are so easy to break down for cleaning and also the needles and other bits fit other H&S brushes in their range so if I were to buy another say just for varnishing I can swoop the needles/tips around ect.

The Airbrush came with this little handy instruction booklet, it shows you how to break it down and clean it aswell as brush practice tips and a list of parts.

Well that's it guys, next stop learn how to use it wish me luck ;)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Angel Giraldez Masterclass Vol 1.

Well then guys here's something I've been waiting for since it first came to light that Angel Giraldez would be writing a how to modelling book, Angel has to be one of my favorite painters and I cant wait to get my hands on this first edition.

The book is up for pre-order from source on the 2nd feb, I ordered mine from Wayland Games a few days ago for £30, the talk is that the book will be of limited number and wont be reprinted, I'm not so sure this is correct people want to make money after all so if you can sell more you print more right!.

A nice little edition for those that pre-order is the limited edition version of the Joan of Arc miniature for Pan Oceania (Infinity), the mini looks like a great sculpt and is already got me thinking of a little Infinity warband.

Anyhow guys here's few pic's of the miniature enjoy.