Monday, November 16, 2015

30,000 Views for Sons of Sotha.

Well then not so sure it's a good figure to celebrate not like 10, 50 or 100,000 thousand would be but hey any excuse right.

So here's mine, I've recently got into painting 30k mini's....that's it!, I did say any excuse.

So then what more to say ...well I'm really happy with how my paintings progressing, I'm in no way a golden demon class painter but I think my neatness has improved a lot as has my choice of colours/shades when painting, I think the books I bought some time ago have helped me loads with learning different techniques on different aspects of minis then pulling it all together as one.

Airbrushing for me has been a new fun and sometimes frustrating piece of kit to learn but there's no going back now, It's so much quicker to get the basecoats down on miniatures and the use of zenith highlighting I find really effective and easy.

Moving forward I expect to crack on with my Pre-heresy Iron Warriors and also start another chapter with the mini's left over from my Betrayal at Calth boxes...maybe Raven Guard I'll see, Also my Scythes of the Emperor tut tut they have seen no love from me for the longest time since I've been in this hobby, I've got a few ideas for them as well as a small Tyranid hive force, Can't have Scythes without Nid's !! any excuse you see.

Well fellas thanks for viewing my blog and I hope to bring you lots more, Cheers X.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Unboxing: Betrayal at Calth box sets.

Hi guys, Well then I've been down to my local Games Workshop today to pick up the new GW Horus Heresy game Betrayal at Calth ...well two boxes actually.

I'm really chuffed with these sets, The plastics like you would expect from GW are excellent with no chapter iconography but still highly detailed.

I think GW has played a blinder with this product, The game which I've played a couple of times last week is pretty good on it's own without the fact that you get loads of miniatures which could and most probably will be used for 30k or 40k.

For most though these will be the left over products which I think is a shame because as I said the games quite good, The Rule book has good background information and six game scenarios you also get four game boards dice transfer sheet and a pack of cards plus markers etc all very high quality.

Incidentally this weeks White Dwarf has an extra game scenario so hopefully if people like this product and units move well and it continues to be supported by GW we might see more GW Horus Heresy plastics on the way.

Well after all that I've said this is the reason that most including me bought the game, Two boxes gives me.

10 Terminators, loads of different weapon options.
60 Tactical Marines, Including heavy weapons combi and special weapons.
2   Contemptor Dreadnoughts.
4   Character miniatures.

Not bad for £190 certainly alot cheaper than Forge World that's for sure, For me moving on I'm going to use 10 Tac's as Iron Havocs also 10 Terminators both for my Iron Warriors, The rest..... well I need another 10 Terminators so I'm already seeing about a possible trade to acquire them then whats left over will be made into a small Raven Guard insertion force ...well that's the plan right now but that could change.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Forge World: Leviathan Dreadnought Release.

Well then guys this is the thing of beauty that I've been waiting for and yippee I have one on order...cant wait to get my hands on it and Iron Warrior the thing up.

The leviathan Dreadnought can be fitted out with various weapons, I've opted for the Storm Cannon and Grav-Flux Bombard but you can also buy a Siege Claw and Drill, As with my Contemptor I'll be magnetising the arms so in time I'll buy all options but for now I'm happy with whats on order.

Forge World Leviathan Link.

Here's a few different shots of the beast with different weapon configurations and chapter colours, Really like the pose of the Raven Guard Dread.

Monday, November 2, 2015

SHOWCASE: Iron Warriors Contemptor Dreadnought.

Right then guys time for all out Awesomeness!, This is the first of my three Iron Warriors Contemptors that I've painted with plans to paint the other two to complete the talon, Definitely going to make and paint another Kheres Assault Cannon Dread but not so sure about the third.

It's the first time that I've used Ink's through the airbrush and think it's worked out pretty good on the Assault Cannons.

A rear view and close up on those smoke stacks...really happy how they have turned out.

I've experimented on a lot of different base types for this project and glad I did so as I finally painted something that I'm really happy with, I think the dark earth and red tones of the weathering powders  complement the Iron Warriors armour perfectly also very happy with the spent shells and barbed wire think it adds a little more interest to the base.

On with the other two.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

WIP: Kit-bash, Iron Warriors Master of Signal.

Hi guys, Just a short post but as promised earlier last month here's a photo of the finished Master of Signal kit-bash for my Iron Warriors.

I've used various parts from the Forge world and Games Workshop range of miniatures with a little green stuff for good measure.

I wasn't that sure at first of the little effort atop both aerials but they've grown on me now so I'm keeping them, The most nerve racking part of this build was having to cut both the Master of Signal helmet and the Iron hands torso, which had the helmet attached, in half.

I think the mini has worked out quite well and I like the pose a lot, To my mind I see him with his foot up on some earthworks just about to input vital targeting data for a squadron of Medusa's...Awesome stuff.