Monday, December 30, 2013

Chaplain Demetrios Kit Bash.

Scythes Chaplain............
Demetrios now finds him self to be the head Chaplain for the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter after the demise of first Chaplain Segas at Sotha's last stand before the withdrawal, Demetrios is a troubled soul who is known to be aggressive and hateful, it is said that he carries an "ever present threat of violence" and is always the first marine in any fray, he is very well respected by the Scythes first company.

Hi guys this kit bash chaplain will be my second Scythes HQ model i'll paint and I cant wait, I love the look of him, to me he looks almost gladiatorial with his right shoulder armour that has the extra little plate also the helmet fits perfect for this look in my opinion, its mostly forge world parts with a few GW bits.
Anyhow fellas here's a picture before its painted, hope you like it as much as me.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Chief Librarian Tormal.

First 40k HQ model painted.........
At last I've got my first HQ Scythes model painted, its a mish mash of various different kits (kit bashed as they say), its good how you can do this with space marines you can truly make something unique and personal.

I've gone for a slightly darker blue which I think fits better with the black of the Scythes, anyhow guys im happy with it and here's a few pictures to look at.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Scythes Terminators.

Salvation Teams........

Salvation teams are often accompanied by Terminator Marines whilst aboard derelict space craft/Tyranid Bio-ships and space hulks, they are tasked with the job of recovering valuable artefacts as well as more mundane pieces of war gear like power armour and bolters that will then be used by the Neophytes after gene-seed implantation and training regimen however these teams have also found several cocooned survivors on board Bio-ships usually in terminator armour, it is unclear why they were kept alive.

Well then guys here's my first completed terminator squad and I've got to say im well chuffed with them, I've gone with the assault cannon as I think its the best looking heavy upgrade and also given him a chain fist, why not!, I had a slight wobble over the base colour scheme but in the end decided to run with and not change it as I thought the light colour complemented them in contrast to the dark colour scheme of the Scythes, I've also added long sun bleached grasses to these and all my other Scythes models and think they break up the base and add a little more interest.

Anyhow guys here's a few pic's.