Thursday, July 6, 2017

More hobby progress.

Hi guys, Well it's not be the weather for it lately in sunny Leeds but I have been slowly working on my breachers, not a lot but getting really i am.

What i have done is to add a few more parts to the Moritat aka "Gunslinger", Just a few bits but i think it all adds to the look and feel of the miniature, So then just the Iron Skull to the left shoulder pad and some small packs and grenades around the Moritats waist, also got the base coat down, Time for the fun stuff to start now.

I have shock horror finished all their bases though, That's for the twenty Breachers and one Moritat base (front right), As always with these wasteland bases I'm very happy with the look, So easy to do....bit of dry brushing and weathering powders job done, I've been asked on Face Book how i paint them so will do a tutorial soon in case anyone else is interested....keeps the blog ticking anyhow which is always good.

So then that's it for now, Looking forward to the Forge World event next month and are really hoping that we see Adeptus Titanicus, not holding my breath though but are saving my penny's.

Happy painting guys.