Friday, October 30, 2015

Dreadtober 2015.

Hi guys well I came to this party really late but as they say better late than never.

Greg over on Feed your Nerd has been running this thing called Dreadtober for a while now, It's basically any Dread sized walker that you need to get painted up buy the end of October, As I say I came late to the event and cant see my effort been completed on time but that's life shit happens etc.

Here's my entry:

Anyway guys whats great about this thing is the amount of awesome Dreads and Walkers that are up on Greg's site, I really recommend you all take the time to look as I did, There's loads of inspiration for people looking for ideas from these well painted models, Have fun.

Here's the Link.....Dreadtober 2015.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

WIP: Iron Warriors Contemptor Dreadnought.

Hi guys just a little update on the Contemptor, Really liking this miniature so much so that I'm craving a few more.

Still got a bit to do as you can see but I'm liking it so far guys, The Assault Cannons are up next after I've sorted some barbed wire for the base.

I used two transfers from the new Forge World Iron Warriors sheet and one from an old Imp Guard sheet.

Really happy with how the Iron colour worked out on this lager model, I was a little bit nervous as I've only painted Tactical Marines thus far using this technique and wondered if it would work so well up scaling to the larger miniatures.

I used an idea that I found in one of the Forge World Masterclass books for the exhaust pipes, It's really easy to follow and I think it looks so effective, For this project I will be doing all the pipes this way whether they are on Tanks or Dreads.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Iron Warriors: Typhon Siege Tank, tracks on!.

Happy days the Typhon Siege Tank has arrived!!.....well at long last anyhow, I've been waiting for this replacement Tank for so long.

Anyway I'm not going to bitch about it too much (crappy postal system) as it apparently got lost in the post, The guys down at Forge world were great as always and after my final call last Tuesday I received my package on Friday and what do you know it had a little added bonus something throw in, Trouble is I already own the Narik Dreygur miniature but I'm sure he will be used at some point in the future and it shows what a bit of cheekiness can achieve ;)

Just a side note about the guys that answer the phone at Forge World, I know they are there to sell products take orders etc but sometimes I've been on the phone over 30min's just talking about the hobby what I'm doing their doing and so on, They take a genuine interest and i think that's great, Always a pleasure when I ring them.

Joy of joys Tracks on folks!

Yeah that's right Guys the new tank arrived with moulded tracks, So glad I don't have to fiddle with that nightmare again, Cutting bits of track and so on really got on my nerves after the three Proteus tanks.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Iron Warriors: Contemptor, Love these Cannons.

Hey up guys I've only gone and done it...gone and bought my first Contemptor Dreadnought and it's an awesome bit of kit, Can't tell you why it took me so long to buy one of these beauties but I think I'm spoilt now as I don't think I'll be going back to the old 40k Dread any time soon, It's that good!.

The kit is so poseable to the point that I found it a little daunting at first, I tried to make the model look as natural as I could and think I've done quite a good job of it.

I've opted for Kheres Pattern Assault Cannons all be it with a little twist with the weapons, For the conversion I used Punisher Cannons from Forge World instead of the standard barrels that came with the kit and think they look the business.

I magnetized both arms with 4 by 2 mm magnets in case I want to change the weapons at any point, Also bought these twin-linked Autocannons for longer range shenanigans.

Plan is to build and paint three of these, all magnetized with a selection of different weapon arms.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Leviathan Pattern Siege Dreadnought.

Yeah WOW!!

Well then guys I think my Iron Warriors simply can't do with out at least one of these fantastic miniatures from the wizards at Forge World, To say I like it would be an understatement and to put it bluntly this things made for my 30k chapter.

Totally loving the look of those quad Auto-Cannons, I'm really excited to see what pans out weapon wise for these guys over the next few days and weeks, definitely having some from Santa this year.

Some more pic's of the Leviathan Dread, You can just about make out the Contemptor chassis underneath the bulk of the added armour....Awesome.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

WIP: Iron Warriors tactical squads.

Well only a slight update fellas not done so much as I've been really busy of late decorating my house but I have found time to test hazard stripes on these three marines chest and leg plates.

I've been taking inspiration out of HH book 3 for their placement and have been trying to keep them muted so's not to overpower the metal/iron armour, They are probably a little too over worn for my liking but when the squads are all together fully painted it should look the part in that some marines look more battle worn than others.

Not really got the hang of this batch painting lark because most of my bits are at different stages lol, Also I'm missing around 15 marines on corks just need to stick the torsos legs arms and packs together bang them on corks and get the primer on, Hopefully then get everything to pre-wash stage over the next few days.

It struck me with the weather changing that it may be a good idea to get some primer on everything else Iron Warriors related that I own, Not going to start these tanks till the marines are done but I prime outside with canned car primer and the colder weather can really mess with the finish, Forward thinking ?...that's not like me lol.

So I've corked these weapons up last night, Still waiting for the Typhon FW!!

Well that's it for now guys except to say that I've been working on a IW's Master of Signal kit-bash which I hope to bring to you shortly so watch this space.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Iron Warriors: Scimitar Jetbikes.

Right then guys these Scimitar Jetbikes are not exactly the hard hitting tanks for which the Iron Warriors are famed for but they look the business and even more so when you have them in your hands, Such gorgeous lines I just love them.

Every Legion used them so that's how I'm squaring their inclusion, Kind of like out riders with out wheels going hard on the flanks spotting and eliminating any threats that might pose concern to the main thrust of the force.

My main Iron Warriors army will be made up of MkII marines and what do you know the bikes come with different Mk armor riders, Problem solved with the aid of my good Lady's hair dryer and six legs/body's from the Marine bundle I bought, I'm going to keep the arms they aren't strictly MkII but still passable plus it's easier for me, Pretty happy with how the legs turned out, Not so sure about the added helmet effort and so might give that a miss.

Got most of the riders sorted now although I did run out of legs so ordered another MkII pack from FW, Also guys don't know if you have noticed but I've carefully removed the eagle off the front of all the bikes, The Aquila is not so prevalent in pre-heresy so I'm trying to sick to the fluff/story as much as possible.
Anyway thats all for now, back soon.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Trip to new look Warhammer World.

Well yeah better late than never, I know it's been re-vamped for some time now but I finally got my chance a few weeks ago to get down and have a look around for myself and WOW!! haven't they done a great job fellas's really awesome!, I took loads of photo's far too many to post up here so I'll just pop up the ones I like the most, and of course I dined out in style at Bugmans.

Monday, October 5, 2015

WIP: Iron Warriors, paint palette sorted.

So then guys over the past week or so I've been scraping mould lines off  30 MkII Marines with a view to building two 10 man tac squads and one 10 man plasma support squad for the Proteus Land Raiders, It's been truly time consuming effort I can tell you but one that needs to be done for the best possible results.

On with the test miniature, After a couple of fails I finally settled on a colour scheme and felt brave enough to try it on one of the FW mini's, It's a first for me using Tamiya paints but I think the fininsh is really good and I was surprised how easy they were to use in the airbrush although they are quite smelly.

The base that the miniature is standing on is one that I think I'll go with, again after a few test pieces.

I'm pretty happy with the look of both model and base and how they sit together well in contrast of each other, I will however be blending the lower half of the leg plates (shins) in with the base slightly using the same powders as is on the base itself.

A few other pictures of the final test Iron Warrior.

Right then now the hard (fun) work starts, I've got the colours and method sorted so on with the other 29, Already started pinning minis to corks and given a few of them the first coats, Should hopefully have the first squad up soon.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Iron Warriors: Siege tank drama!.

So then guys I'm a little sad to say that I had to send the Typhon tank back to Forge World, It's not that I dont like the model wouldn't bought it if I thought that the problem was one side of the tank was 5mm longer than the other also the tracks were really bad no mater how much I washed them I couldn't get that shine off, I rang FW about it and they told me to send it back, They said that sometimes when pieces were taken out of the moulds at different times they expand differently, Which is fair enough and they were great about it so I'm waiting for the replacement.

The silver lining to this little set back is that the new Typhon tanks come with tracks moulded on JOY!! cant tell you how happy I am with that news, Glass half full!

Take a look....

...and the back, spot on.

The yellow squares are 10mm, check the right front road wheel drive.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Iron Warriors: Landraider Proteus x3.

Hi guys well as part of my new project purchases I've bought three Proteus Land Raiders not the most potent tanks in 30k but their strong and fit the Iron Warriors fluff well plus I think they look the part, In fact I've always liked the old GW Land Raider that the Proteus is based on all be it slightly updated.

I can just about remember these beauties back in the day which i think retailed two for a tenner, If only that was the same now.

So then on with the build, Quite easy really apart from the tracks, I had to cut half a link out of each one but it still looks ok as i made sure the cut link was at the bottom or around the back.

I used 8 by 1mm magnets for the side sponsons and 3 by1mm for the top weapon options (Heavy Bolter/Multi Melta), the idea being that I can just switch weapon as I wish or even add different ones like twin linked Heavy Flamers which I'm thinking of kit-bashing up, Also you see alot a Lascannon sag on these types of tank, this doesn't happen with magnets because they are strong enough to be positioned in any direction you desire, They are easy to take off for transport and weapon destroyed as well worth the extra effort I think.

Friday, October 2, 2015

New Project: Pre Heresy Iron Warriors.

Wow It's seems such a long time since I last posted anything on Sons of Sotha that I feel really quite guilty about it, Quite strange, Anyway I hope to post more regulally now that I'm up and running with this new project..."Where's the Mechanicum Project at?", Dead in the water right now guys but I do want to get it started again soon as I make up my mind to either incorperate it into the IV Legion or as a stand alone project.

Right then guys a few weeks ago I went down to Warhammer World and splashed out on a few bits n bobs for this new thing I've got going on,  It took a while but decided on but Iron Warriors Legion it is as I love tanks and Perturabo's a total monster plus it's got my yellow and black fix going on.

Well then guys thats the new kit, lots of prep work to be done and cant wait I'll post soon.