Saturday, October 3, 2015

Iron Warriors: Landraider Proteus x3.

Hi guys well as part of my new project purchases I've bought three Proteus Land Raiders not the most potent tanks in 30k but their strong and fit the Iron Warriors fluff well plus I think they look the part, In fact I've always liked the old GW Land Raider that the Proteus is based on all be it slightly updated.

I can just about remember these beauties back in the day which i think retailed two for a tenner, If only that was the same now.

So then on with the build, Quite easy really apart from the tracks, I had to cut half a link out of each one but it still looks ok as i made sure the cut link was at the bottom or around the back.

I used 8 by 1mm magnets for the side sponsons and 3 by1mm for the top weapon options (Heavy Bolter/Multi Melta), the idea being that I can just switch weapon as I wish or even add different ones like twin linked Heavy Flamers which I'm thinking of kit-bashing up, Also you see alot a Lascannon sag on these types of tank, this doesn't happen with magnets because they are strong enough to be positioned in any direction you desire, They are easy to take off for transport and weapon destroyed as well worth the extra effort I think.


  1. Cool. I loved the old land raiders. Shame I never had the cash to pick some up. Good to see there are still some of them out there!

  2. Yeah they still sell them well of sorts they are a slightly updated model but look cool never the less.

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