Thursday, October 15, 2015

WIP: Iron Warriors tactical squads.

Well only a slight update fellas not done so much as I've been really busy of late decorating my house but I have found time to test hazard stripes on these three marines chest and leg plates.

I've been taking inspiration out of HH book 3 for their placement and have been trying to keep them muted so's not to overpower the metal/iron armour, They are probably a little too over worn for my liking but when the squads are all together fully painted it should look the part in that some marines look more battle worn than others.

Not really got the hang of this batch painting lark because most of my bits are at different stages lol, Also I'm missing around 15 marines on corks just need to stick the torsos legs arms and packs together bang them on corks and get the primer on, Hopefully then get everything to pre-wash stage over the next few days.

It struck me with the weather changing that it may be a good idea to get some primer on everything else Iron Warriors related that I own, Not going to start these tanks till the marines are done but I prime outside with canned car primer and the colder weather can really mess with the finish, Forward thinking ?...that's not like me lol.

So I've corked these weapons up last night, Still waiting for the Typhon FW!!

Well that's it for now guys except to say that I've been working on a IW's Master of Signal kit-bash which I hope to bring to you shortly so watch this space.


  1. Your metal is coming along nicely! I am liking the look of that.

    1. Cheers Robert.

      I'm very happy with how they look although in the back of my mind I'm wondering how to replicate this on tanks, My practice Rhino's going to get more paint on I think ;)