Friday, October 9, 2015

Iron Warriors: Scimitar Jetbikes.

Right then guys these Scimitar Jetbikes are not exactly the hard hitting tanks for which the Iron Warriors are famed for but they look the business and even more so when you have them in your hands, Such gorgeous lines I just love them.

Every Legion used them so that's how I'm squaring their inclusion, Kind of like out riders with out wheels going hard on the flanks spotting and eliminating any threats that might pose concern to the main thrust of the force.

My main Iron Warriors army will be made up of MkII marines and what do you know the bikes come with different Mk armor riders, Problem solved with the aid of my good Lady's hair dryer and six legs/body's from the Marine bundle I bought, I'm going to keep the arms they aren't strictly MkII but still passable plus it's easier for me, Pretty happy with how the legs turned out, Not so sure about the added helmet effort and so might give that a miss.

Got most of the riders sorted now although I did run out of legs so ordered another MkII pack from FW, Also guys don't know if you have noticed but I've carefully removed the eagle off the front of all the bikes, The Aquila is not so prevalent in pre-heresy so I'm trying to sick to the fluff/story as much as possible.
Anyway thats all for now, back soon.


  1. Always liked these jet bikes. Wish we still had them in 40k!

  2. Love these bikes, especially lined up like that, cool.

  3. Cheers fellas, Can't wait to get some paint on them.