Monday, November 16, 2015

30,000 Views for Sons of Sotha.

Well then not so sure it's a good figure to celebrate not like 10, 50 or 100,000 thousand would be but hey any excuse right.

So here's mine, I've recently got into painting 30k mini's....that's it!, I did say any excuse.

So then what more to say ...well I'm really happy with how my paintings progressing, I'm in no way a golden demon class painter but I think my neatness has improved a lot as has my choice of colours/shades when painting, I think the books I bought some time ago have helped me loads with learning different techniques on different aspects of minis then pulling it all together as one.

Airbrushing for me has been a new fun and sometimes frustrating piece of kit to learn but there's no going back now, It's so much quicker to get the basecoats down on miniatures and the use of zenith highlighting I find really effective and easy.

Moving forward I expect to crack on with my Pre-heresy Iron Warriors and also start another chapter with the mini's left over from my Betrayal at Calth boxes...maybe Raven Guard I'll see, Also my Scythes of the Emperor tut tut they have seen no love from me for the longest time since I've been in this hobby, I've got a few ideas for them as well as a small Tyranid hive force, Can't have Scythes without Nid's !! any excuse you see.

Well fellas thanks for viewing my blog and I hope to bring you lots more, Cheers X.


  1. Congratulations! Keep the posts coming and you'll soon be having to paint 40k stuff again! ;)

    1. Cheers Nick and yeah I hope to get some Scythes painted early next year, fingers crossed.

  2. Congratulations my Sothan Brother :D Indeed, do get some Scythes painted up! :)

  3. Good for you! At least you're painting Iron Warriors, they have yellow and black on them!!