Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New style bases for my Scythes.

Hi guys, well then with some new looking Scythes on the horizon I think its only fitting that I should spruce up their bases and so I'm around 90% sure I'll be opting for the old urban decay rubble type bases with the odd bit of rusty iron and battlefield debris thrown in for good measure.

I'm sad to see the Martian bases go but I think sometimes a change is good an it's kind of got me re-energized for the project so it's all good.

So then on to the test piece, it's your standard 28mm GW base that I've used for this but I will say now that all my new Scythes will be mounted on the new 32mm bases (just ordered a shed load of them from GW), I'm using the new size for two being that it gives you more scope for modelling and the second is to kind of future proof them to a degree as I hear that when the current stock of marines sell all new boxes will be packaged with the new size bases.

Anyhow guys that's enough base size talk on with the pic's.

As I say it's just a little test piece, it's basically black basecoat drybrushed up with increasingly lighter shades of grey (not fifty) with a couple of washes added and a little weathering powder, not so sure about the colour of that pipe as it stands out a little too much for my liking but this is the type of thing I'm aiming for, hope you like it.


  1. Goodbye red planet bases :( & I was going to start a club! Still, these do look good.

  2. A club !!, drat I'm always missing out ;)

    Thanks for the complement Dave although I think I'll have to go a little lighter with the bases as the colours very simular to the new black legs I've painted, need a bit of contrast between the two.