Sunday, February 1, 2015

Angel Giraldez Masterclass Vol 1.

Well then guys here's something I've been waiting for since it first came to light that Angel Giraldez would be writing a how to modelling book, Angel has to be one of my favorite painters and I cant wait to get my hands on this first edition.

The book is up for pre-order from source on the 2nd feb, I ordered mine from Wayland Games a few days ago for £30, the talk is that the book will be of limited number and wont be reprinted, I'm not so sure this is correct people want to make money after all so if you can sell more you print more right!.

A nice little edition for those that pre-order is the limited edition version of the Joan of Arc miniature for Pan Oceania (Infinity), the mini looks like a great sculpt and is already got me thinking of a little Infinity warband.

Anyhow guys here's few pic's of the miniature enjoy.


  1. I missed the preorder. That mini looks so spectacular.

  2. It does that Greg, its very much similar to the original concept artwork for her.

    I wouldn't worry if people want the mini but missed the pre-order it will be up on eBay in a week or so (at a crazy price though).

  3. Woo! They put up a second edition!