Thursday, August 21, 2014

Devastator Conversion.

Hi guys, just a little conversion for a small Devastator Squad I have on the painting table right now, I've just finished the first one a thought I would share with you some progress pictures.

As you may know the Scythes of the Emperor chapter is seriously low on numbers and so to maximise squads in Battle Company Scythes Techmarines have devised small tracked weapon carriers named Mdar's ( Mobile Detection and Response System ) to prop up numbers in Devastator squads, while not totally autonomous these machines of death can track enemy movement and relay battlefield information back to the sergeants signum, then upon the sergeants command the Target is eliminated.

The bits I used for this conversion are a Space Marine Epic Landraider and a Hunter Killer missile unit from a Rhino.

The conversion was really easy to do just a little cutting with my model knife and some mold line removal.


  1. Nice idea but sad to see the Epic Land Raider not used as an Epic Land Raider. Of course very few people play Epic so this is a cheap and cheerful little conversion which is much better for the majority of folks needs.

  2. True Dave and it seems alot of GW's games have gone by the wayside over the years, but for me I never played Epic so Scythes conversion its become.
    I picked these Landraiders up at a car boot a month or so ago along with other various hobby related bits.

  3. This is a lovely idea. I think these would make really awesome tank busta squibs for orks (the actual squibs are horribly expensive). Throw a grot on top holding the rokkit, and you've got a lovely little conversion.

    Thanks so much for the idea and well done!

  4. No prob's Greg glad you like it.