Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Heat stained 40k Gun barrels.

  Easy Gun Barrel Staining......

Hi Guys, well Im nearing the end of my Dreadnought project and when it came to painting the Assault cannon I thought I would go the extra mile in painting the barrels.

Normally I just apply Leadbelcher and wash with a drybrush afterwards and this is fine but for this Dreadnought I wanted a little more and so I searched the Internet for inspiration and found this picture of a heat stained exhaust, it perfectly illustrates the colour bands during extreme heat.

Replicating this banding was relatively easy, clearly I've not gone as bright with my effort as I just wanted to hint at the colour distortion.

First off I painted the barrels as normal, Leadbelcher, Nuln Oil wash and drybrush belcher.

Leaving a small area of Leadbelcher free from ink at the dangerous end I applied in order working back, Drakenhof Nightshade, Druchii Violet and Seraphim Sepia in equal parts.

When dry I diluted Sepia with water and dragged it backwards from the original Sepia wash, but not past half way, the Sepia watered down helped blend the colour into the Lead belcher as though the metal had started to cool at that point.

I then drybrushed the end with Leadbelcher making sure I blended into the first wash, Drakenhof Nightshade, best I could.

Finally I drybrushed a little Runefang Steel to the extreme edges at the end of the barrels.

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