Monday, April 25, 2016

Event Exclusive Miniature.

Hi guys, This little mini is doing the rounds all over the interweb and seems like it's the new Event mini on sale at this years Warhammer Fest.

Looks like he's a generic Siege Breaker and with a few twists could make a great IW's Breaker for my HH project although I'll be paying through the nose for it as I aren't going to the event sob...ebay take my money sob, Strange that it looks like he's on a 32mm base, Do like the chest plate it reveals more of the face which I will change but yeah love shall be mine :)

1 comment:

  1. The armour itself looks awesome, but the head looks "off" somehow. It's too big in proportion to the terminator(!) armour, making the model itself look a bit like a caricature. If I ever obtain the model (hopefully at FW's Amsterdam Open Day), the model is getting a helmet for sure. :)