Saturday, April 30, 2016

Warhammer Fest: I'm going!

So then fellas I thought it was about time that I went along to one of these events and why not pop my cherry on the biggest one this year.

Really looking forward to it as it's only two weeks away now, a little bit giddy, and got my ticket through the post yesterday, Expect loads of photo's from displays and mini's from the Forge World seminar...what will be in the pipe next 30k wise.

Yet another event mini that I'll be picking up now ...hands off my money ebay, Lovely looking mini this He's Tylos Rubio really like how understated he is so unfussy and great paint job to boot.


  1. Might see you there, the WeeMen are attending, and the Battle Bunnies too.

  2. Might do...I'll be the guy with his eyes wide as wheels ;)