Saturday, April 23, 2016

Iron Warriors: Iron Circle Automata.

So then guys seems the new Iron Circle miniatures will be up for sale at next months Warhammer fest shame for me that I wont be attending (must get down to one of these events some day) but I'm sure it wont be too long before it's on sale for the masses.

Anyhow I'm in no rush to buy these fellas as I've already got loads of IW's minis to paint but when I do I'll opt for four of them to go along with Pturbo as his personal body guard.

Got to say that I'm loving the aesthetics of this miniature which are clearly based on the Mechanicum's Domitar Battle Automata which is no bad thing as they are also great.

Nice to see the IV transfer on the breast plate  (bit like my Contemptor, could i be a trendsetter ;)  and think I'll do the same, Paint job's ok but base is a tad boring, I'm borderline with the chevrons on this mini i think anymore and it's too much having said that it's a big old mini and you need to break up all that silver some how.

Looking forward to getting my hands on these Awesome machines...Iron Within.

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