Sunday, July 10, 2016

Tickets! Forge World open day 17th July 2016.

Well then fellas I've got the bug for this FW sneak peek thing and as before if I can I'll be bringing you some photos of the event next week.

I'm also looking forward to seeing the new displays and maybe getting a bite to eat at Bugmans.

At long last I've got this guys base sorted, I'm very happy with this kit-bash and I'm sure my Iron Warriors will be as well when I get their Master of Signal all painted up, Time for the primer I think.

And finally the big guy, I've owned this fella for months now but just had him in his box under my bench tut tut, With the purchase of the four IC auto-mata I though it was time to dust it off and get cracking with him.

He is a beast of a miniature as is his base but I wont be using that I just think it's too big besides I have it earmarked for something else later on.


  1. The MoS looks great dude and I can't wait to see some pics from the open day next weekend on your blog!

    1. Cheers Red, Should be getting the zenithal highlights on him this afternoon and yeah I'm looking forward to the open day as well.