Sunday, July 17, 2016

Forge World Open Day: 17th July 2016.

Hi guys, Well I had a great trip down to Nottingham to visit Forge Worlds open day only wish I felt a bit better, been ill you see so didn't stay long but anyway enough of that on with the visit.

First thing I wanted was the new Legiones Astartes army list book, I spent the extra tenner (they saw me coming) for the collectors black edition with the metal ends..if that's what you call them.

Not had that much time to look through but have noticed that my Land Raider Proteuses of which I have three are down to 180pts but don't have the option for the hull-mounted multi-melta anymore but do have the option for twin-linked heavy bolter/flamer or Lascannon so I'll deal with it.

Loving the look of the new Arachnus heavy lascannon Deredeo, Not so sure of the shield generator on top of the auto-cannon Deredeo but I'm told that it gives +1 to invulnerable saves to mini's within 6" to a 3+ max...sounds good yeah.

Interesting alternative Imp Knight heads, May have to pimp up my half built Knights a tad.

Legion Moritat.

Beautiful,  It's outrageous how Forge World keep producing these works of art....just take my money.

Very interested in these Secutarii upgrades, I bought a couple of the "Start Collecting Skitarii" box sets from Games Workshop....sorry I mean Warhammer back when they were first released, They Should look the part with maybe a Scout Titan or two later on, Well I can wish anyway.

That's it for now guys Cheers.

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