Thursday, July 7, 2016

Iron Warriors: Iron Circle Bases.

Hi guys, well it seems a little strange to put up a post just to show off these four bases but it's my blog lol plus I'm over the moon with how they turned out.

The Iron Circle miniatures are quite large at the side of  Perturabo (by the way the boss man is on my bench!! but I wont be using that massive base for him, got it earmarked for something else) so instead of building the base up with cork as I have in the past with my other IW minis I've kept it as level as I could to the blank base by just adding some thin double diamond plastic sheet (1:24 G-scale) then modelling some detail around it to give it that war torn battlefield look.

Interesting before photo of the bases, You can see all the bits n bobs I've used ...the deck plate as mentioned, a bit off a GW building set, sand, small stones and cork! where would I be without cork the stuffs great as is Vallejo red oxid paste.


  1. Those bases are beautiful Jamie! Really nice work.

  2. Great bases and worthy content for a blog post. Good stuff

  3. These are some beautiful bases you have there :)

  4. Thanks guys I'm really happy with them just need to crack on with their main events now...but keep getting side tracked by other IW minis.

  5. Loving these bases. You ever thought about doing a step by step on how you put them together?

    1. Cheers Ironchestnut, Yes I have, I've had alot of interest on social media about the bases and how i paint the IW's chevrons.

      When I'm building/painting again I'll have to take some stage by stage photos and post something.