Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Project Dreadnought pt1.

Part One.......

Hi Guys Its been a while since I painted or modelled anything Scythes related so I thought I'd come back with a little diorama type project that will incorporate a small squad of Assault Marines and a Dreadnought, the Dreadnought being the focal point of the project.

While modelling this Dreadnought I was thinking of making it Venerable for normal 40k play but also for fun as a Character making up my own rules for it, more on that later.

 I used the flat side of a Yogurt pot for the small squares, this was ideal material as the plastic was really thin so with a metal rule and modelling knife I cut it into similar sized small squares and stuck them on working from the bottom upwards making sure is wasn't too uniform but also not too haphazard.
Also I carefully cut off the three raised rectangle shapes on the right panel and covered the sights at the top of that panel with green stuff ready for more squares to be added.

This is the completed torso of the Dreadnought I've used various pieces from my bits box to achieve this effect including a Forge World Heavey Flamer and some plastic tubing cut at a slight angle and placed on top of the exhausts pipes.

 I started this banner pole with a small length of brass rod, again using pieces from my bits box I went about modelling the banner pole taking into account the Scythes Chapter Symbol.
It was quite fiddly to model with four pinning joints and as a result a tad fragile so it wont be a permanent feature on the model itself just for display purpose, I rather like it though.
 I really like making my own bases and this one was a real joy to model, I used some bits of thin cork for the Dreadnoughts feet to stand on and stuck various pieces from my bits box at angles to the base.
Then using green stuff  I moulded it around these pieces thinking when the sand is added it will look like its blown up against them and will add more of a natural look to the base.

I added fine sand and various sized rocks using PVA glue, then sprayed the base with grey primer.
Before spraying it helps to put tiny pieces of blu tac in the Dreadnoughts feet, this is so when I come to glueing the model together I'll have plastic to plastic contact and as a result it will be a stronger bond.

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