Sunday, December 25, 2016

Happy Christmas 2016.

Hi guys, Hope your all having a great Christmas and got all the plastic/resin hobby stuff you wanted.

I was given the Bloodbowl game with it's Death Zone supplement....get in!, Not ever played or even bought this before in any of it's earlier formats but I hear great things and love to watch gridiron, go Seahawks!! or something like that, so looking forward painting up the miniatures and kicking some human ass on the field.

Thinking on a tad there could be some Orkland Raiders making an appearance on these pages sometime soon., Going to have some fun with this.

I use Series7 brushes for the most part with my painting, But after looking around some random hobby shop a month or so ago and commenting to my good lady about these beautiful brushes from Broken Toad she sneakily bought and hid them away for crimbo, Never had brush soap before always washed them out in water so that's new to me but I'm sure I'll work it out.

Anyway guys enjoy the rest of your Christmas I'm off to play with the kids PS4....lucky little dudes.