Thursday, December 8, 2016

Limited Edition Mini: Primus Medicae.

Hi guys, So looks like Games Workshop are releasing their third Forge World miniature the Primus Medicae in Cataphractii terminator armour.

Weapon load out looks like a Needle Pistol and a Narthecium Gauntlet, The miniature looks a little static but overall i rather like it, Strange that the release date is the 27th Dec which is a Tuesday the day after Boxing day...well maybe not that strange after all...kerching!!


  1. He looks a lot Nurgle already! Too static and proportions are off again, like the Vexilla Bearer.

    1. Yeah Siph_ heads off again but the massive shoulder pads dont help and I'm left wondering if he has elbows when i look at the photo.

      Still I'll have a punt even if it's only for a future kitbash.