Friday, January 23, 2015

Rust & Weathering reference photos.

Hi guys, as my hobby painting has progressed I have found myself wanting to age and weather my miniatures to show battlefield damage and general wear and tear, this could be from slight chips to power armour to more severer damage to vehicles and battlefield debris.

Well while on a short break in Cornwall last year I took several shots at what I thought were good reference photographs for rust and weathering, we have all seen rust before but when it comes to replicating the effect on our models it becomes much harder to think of the different colours and shades needed to make an accurate representation.

I hope these photos will be as useful to you guys as they were for me and I will continue to brave the strange looks in order to add new photos to this post.


  1. Nice! You've got some good ones there. I need to get back to my own reference page

  2. Thanks so much Jamie. I am always looking for weathering reference! Do you mind if I link to this from my puerto rico weathering post?