Friday, October 17, 2014

Dreadnoughts....Scythes Style!

Finished Ironclad Dreadnoughts.

Hi guys, well so I've finished my two Ironclads and have got to say I'm really happy with how they have turned out.
This post is going to be picture heavy, just couldn't stop taking photo's lol, and so lets crack on with the show.

I went heavy on the damage/wear, these puppy's have seen some action!.

 First time I've used magnets, so on both left arm's I'll be able to change from Heavy Flamer to Melta Gun.

A couple of of different shots, yep I went a tad nuts with the camera.

If your looking at a Dreadnought from this angle your number's up!!.

Couldn't resist a family photo and with five Heavy Flamers my Scythes like their Nid's CRISPY!!

While painting these Dread's I've had a few ideas on how to convert a couple more.....just how many Dreadnoughts is enough?.

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