Friday, November 1, 2013

Chapter Master Thrasius Kit Bash.

  a possible weapons set up..........

Hi guys its been a long time since I've made any headway into my Scythes 40k army, shame on me anyhow I can tell you there's a couple of units near completion so more on those latter, however for this post im concentrating on their Chapter Master "Thrasius".

Thrasius was the commander of the third company before the onslaught of hive fleet Kracken and was considered by Thorcyra (the scythes first chapter master) to be the most level headed and consummate strategist that the Scythes had to offer although on occasion his rage did descend and all those that have laid in his path have paid the ultimate price, it was in fact he and Thrasius that planned the near impossible evacuation of Giants Coffin (a large rocky outcrop on deathworld Miral) with help from the returning Battle Barge "Honours Might".

And so Thrasius became the Scythes second Chapter Master, Thorcyra (now believed dead) stayed behind on Miral fighting a rear guard action along with his honour guard and numerous sternguard units with enough ammunition to serve a chapter twice over, all so it was possible for a hundred plus Scythes to break through on thunderhawks to the newly named battle barge "Heart of Sotha" to carry the fight and rebuild the chapter .............

So to the weapons, well, taking into account the relatively new Chapter status of the Scythes i'm thinking weapons and such that could be made by techmarines/master of the forge on board the heart of sotha, and so have modelled an example of what could be Thrasius with his weapons set up............

Firstly a chainsword, not a huge leap to assume a forge master couldn't make a larger faster sharper version of such a brutal close combat weapon and the same can be said for his bolter and so I've armed him with the Teeth of terra and Primarch's Wrath.
Also his armour, with all the boarding actions on various hulks and abandoned ships its not beyond possible that various suits of armour could not of been found and amalgamated in to one, so again I've made the leap and given him the Armour Indomitus, along with Digital weapons and the rest of the standard Chapter Masters personal kit he costs 255 points, although Aritficer armour could be used to save 40 points on occasion.

Alternative weapon load out.


  1. nicely made and reasoned although i remember you having another chapter master armed with a scythe... also liked th fluff introduction is it official scythe fluff or background you've added (don't know much about the scythes the white scars were always my favourite of the official chapters)

  2. Im building on the limited fluff you can find for the Scythes, so a bit of both Alun as for the other model you mention its the same one with different weapons/arms, im thinking of using magnets to change them for weapon see Thrasius has built up quite a stockpile of kit in a relatively short space of time as Chapter Master from fools who thought they could best him !.

  3. Greetings from the Imperial Fists 4Th Company this is chris from asda morley photoshop we met this morning

  4. Hi Chris, I'll maybe see you down GW Leeds sometime man, didn't know you had Fist's army as well as a large amount Guard.