Wednesday, June 7, 2017

WIP: Iron Warriors Breachers update Part 2.

Hi guys well I've finally started getting some paint on my much loved breachers.

The effort put in to get twenty marines to this stage is thankless as what your left with at base coat stage is just that base coated much time and graft put in but hey the hard work is over and soon time for the fun stuff.

Anyhow borderline whinge over I'll get on, I may have in a bid to speed things up shot myself in the foot, I usually leave off the helmets, pads and guns to paint separate to the main torso but with the breachers having shields as well I thought in my wisdom why not glue the pads and helmets leaving just the shields and guns...don't want too many separate components after all plus it will be quicker right, Well guys I'm now thinking I should of left the pads off because its going to be difficult getting the gold paint in there, Well I'll see and you live and learn.

Also started on their bases, I've built and primed 21, Yeah I only need twenty for the two squads but it's a bakers dozen kind of  thing which I thought would be prudent after the debacle with the Volkite squad bases, Don't ask.

Bit of a pain as I wanted to crack on on with the bases today then realised I was out of the darkest grey I needed so I started the first stages of tarnishing the metal on my breachers, This is a slow process but one that I've found quite effective for the look I'm after. 

Check the front three marines for the colour change, So then three down only seventeen more to go before I start on the second stage of washes.

That's it for now, Happy painting.

WIP: Iron Warriors Breachers Part 1.


  1. Replies
    1. My Primaris Marines will be Sons of Sotha, Scythes of the Emperor!

    2. Same here Sip.

      Ordered a few Primaris Marines off ebay and will build them as normal space marines for a little side project i have planed, Nothing big but should be good to go back where it all started for me (baring the dabble i had in high school with the hobby) may even throw a few Nids in for fun.

      "For the ghosts of Sotha"

    3. Mate, thanks, I will use some of your pics, prob cos I couldn't find them under a label SotE, now I've had a trawl, I have found yours! I think I started following your blog from the IW stuff!

    4. No probs mate it's all good, Not seen those Scythes for a while and was very chuffed with them at the time.

      Hope i can improve on them a little with the next batch, wish me luck.

  2. Good stuff, man - Batch painting can be a slog, but it's so nice when at the end there's a whole bunch of completed models!

    1. Yeah that's what i keep telling myself, Should be good when there done and may treat myself to a tank.