Sunday, January 8, 2017

WIP: IW's Deredeo Patten Dreadnought part 2.

Hi guys, Well it's the 8th of Jan so i should really get my ass into gear and crack on, Christmas and New Year have well and truly gone so it's time for some modelling.

Very happy with these heavy Lascannons from Forge World.

I was thinking of magnetizing the main guns but so many ends to play with and then getting them straight afterwards seemed too much like hard work, Limited time on earth and all that.

I've tried to do a little work on the helmet like i did with the Leviathans, Not 100% sure about it but I'm sticking so will wait and see how it looks when it's all painted up.

Did a bit on the Launchers mast, It's the end of a FW snipers rifle and a length of paper clip.

I've used some parts from a GW Imp Knight for my base detail along with a few skulls, looking forward to painting making bases.

Some pic's of the miniature on base all be it half built.



  1. Looks great, and the base adds so much, when I get around to my Deredeo, I think I'll steal the one leg raised pose.

    1. Cheers Siph, Yep if in doubt, like me, raised leg pose....sorted!, Loads of FW miniatures go down that road.

      Wanted it as though he was steadying himself for a shot.

  2. Exceptional blog.. really loved your Scythes. Well done.

    1. Cheers Zenos glad you like it.

      The Scythes are a blast from the past but i still have a bit of love for them, So they may make a return on a small scale later in the year.

  3. Agree on the base. It really adds to the mini, as well as allowing you for a more epic pose!

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