Tuesday, October 4, 2016

WIP: Iron Warrior Contemptor No2.

Well guys though I would show you a bit of progress of my second Iron Warriors Contemptor.

Most of the hard work is done, soaking of the resin (sometimes for days, does my head in) posing and gluing together, base, guns, basecoats etc all that stuff finished just the colouring in to go now.....the best bit!

Very happy with the pose of this monster, I see the Dread slowly walking down some narrow war torn street putting holes in things left and right as he goes, all grim dark thoughts hear folks.

I did his base a while ago and can't wait to get the fella stuck to it, it's the one on the left the other was for my Leviathan.

Anyway guys should have this mini done soon... famous last words may take six months if you know me, I am a tad lazy ;)

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