Monday, October 7, 2013

KR miniatures case.


Hi guys, I have just had delivery of my very own KR al 200 figure case from a buddy of mine Alan who runs his own on line miniatures business called Fat Spider, at a good price I might add, and I've got to say im quite chuffed with it, it came in a choice of two colours black with silver trim or all silver, as you can see I opted for the silver, it came with three 36 section trays big enough for 40mm bases (terminator sized models) and four 40 section trays suitable for 25mm bases (firewarriors/space marines ect), it comes with two combination locks a carry handle and carry strap.
The quality's good at the price although I did think it was a bit light but I suppose it should be as its aluminium after all.
I had a look on the official KR site and I think some of those custom trays will have to be bought for my larger models/vehicles and so on, all in all im really happy with my purchase, its just what I needed for my models transportation requirements.


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  1. ah you're using my current go to company for my cases found them really handy for my WarmaHordes and I'm looking at transferring my 40k to cases from them too (particularly my bikes) good choice and they're little cardboard cases are really handy and easy to store. would be nice to see a review after you've had this one for a while!