Friday, October 3, 2014

Chipping yellow armour.

Short Tutorial on how I Chip Yellow Armour.....


Hi guys this is just a short post regarding how I achieve chipped yellow armour for my Scythes, I was asked on a Forum that I visit from time to time how I did this, I gave a brief to the point explanation but thought I would explain further via a blog post, this is by no way an expert tutorial as I'm just starting out myself in the world of  hobby painting and building but I can see the value of this as I am sure I'm not the only person taking the first few steps down the chipping/weathering road.

Firstly what I do is prime the model part, for this Dreadnought leg plate I primed it with GW's white spray undercoat, I then paint it with the desired colour, the colour I've used here is Army Painters Daemonic Yellow, make sure you thin the paint as several thin coats are better than one thick one.

Next I use grey ultra fine Scotchbright, I've used sponge in the past but find the impression it makes on the model is not as fine and random as Scotchbright.

I then dab a small piece of Scotchbright using tweezers into the desired colour, the one I've used here is GW's Rhinox Hide, I then dabbed most of the paint off using kitchen paper and dabbed it onto the model part making sure not to go too heavy to start with, I've mostly worked the Rhinox Hide around the edges of the leg plate as I think this would be the place where most wear would occur.

I the did the same overlapping the Rhinox Hide with Leadbelcher making sure I used slightly less so I could still see the initial Rhinox Hide chip's.

This is the finished effect I achieved using this simple technique, its quick and easy and I think quite effective.

I used the same technique on the central shield of this banner pole in the picture below.



  1. This is a great tutorial Jamie. Thanks! Simple and effective. Looks especially nice on the yellow.

  2. Thanks Greg, Im sure it will help some people out.