Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Scythes Stormraven Conversion.

Part 1.....

Hi guys, since my Scythes are a fleet based chapter (on the whole) I think its about time I built and painted a flyer for them.

So to start with I thought I would open up a progress log of my Stormraven conversion, I'm pretty excited about this as I've never painted a 40k flyer before never mind converting one.

This is my progress so far, yeah it doesn't seem much but I can tell you there's a good few hours work here extending the back end, my thoughts so for about the build are...not happy about that gun pod topside and also the large air intake behind it, likewise I'm not that sure the rear wing will make it.
Anyway guys over the course of the build things may change, we will see.

As I've already said the roof mounted sitting duck is of the menu so I bought these Forge World Punisher Cannon's!, believe me they are massive and come with added Awesomeness! Joy! , I think I'll mount them under the wings next to the missile pods, not sure what I can do with the cylinder Mag's right now they might just end up in my bits box which is no bad thing.

Anyway guys here's a picture.


  1. Those cannons look AWESOME. Now that is an assault cannon! Looking forward to all the progress on this conversion. I'm sure it will be amazing!

  2. Thanks Greg, just got a few thing to sort for AoP then I can crack on with it.