Monday, October 6, 2014

Armies on Parade.

Update Part 3......

Hi guys, well I've finished my Armies on Parade board/tile and given the time constraints I'm quite happy with it, Yeah its basic but this is my first tile and this years all about attending the event.

The Martian Red was painted up the way as I paint all my model bases, so in effect I've just treated it as one large Model base.

Well first up after I added the green stuff (see Part 2) was to apply the sand an rocks onto the tile with PVA, I did this in three stages because I needed to take my time working the PVA around the terrain features and didn't want the PVA to dry as I did so.

I then sprayed the whole tile with Halfords grey Primer, its looking better already, no more pink Cliff faces, Joy!.
I'm quite happy with these bubbling Martian Swamp Pits I think they worked out rather well, If I ever do them again I would maybe go with some extra model detail half sunk in the pit.

To get the illusion of liquid I've simply painted GW's Ardcoat over the surface and think the contrast with the deep red Martian sand works well.

For the Cliff faces I painted them with Rhinox Hide, then using my red martian paint mix I added it to the Rhinox Hide in stages to drybrush lighter and lighter highlights to the Cliff edges.

I then drybrushed Cadian Fleshtone to the extreme edges of the Cliff faces and washed the entire Cliff face with Reikland Fleshshade.

I've added random clumps of vegetation here and there but wanted to keep it quite sparse, it is a desert after all.

As I've said before I'm happy with how these turned out, the paints I used were, base coat of Vallejo Black, drybrushed with 50/50 mix of the black and Caliban Green, a further drybrush of Caliban Green and a final drybrush of Sotek Green to one side of the bubbles.

It's subtle and you cant see the highlight very well in this picture as the Ardcoats doing its job but it look ok.


  1. A new lease of life for a rather sad looking board. I'm impressed by the consistency of your tone across the board, mine has much more of a contrast, I can't manage to do it any other way. Yours should work really well with your models, it'll be nice to see them on the board.

  2. Really like how your pits came out. Sooooo much nicer then the standard skull pits. Board looks great!

  3. Thanks guys, Yeah I think it looks ok and I'll post a pick with all the mini's on when Im done ,19 days!! drat!, Im not ready, ha.

    Sad thing is after all that effort painting up this tile I'm already looking to use it for next years AoP which will mean scrapping all that time put in.