Thursday, October 23, 2014

Armies on Parade.


And's finished!!, it's been a mad 46 day's having to fit extra painting hours around my already hectic family life and to be honest I like to paint at a more leisurely pace (lazy git) but yeah it's done and given the time frame I'm happy, don't get me wrong I've seen other entries online and in old WD mags and know I'll not be winning any awards but that's all good and I'm looking forward to Saturday, talking to fellow painters/modelers getting ideas and inspiration, should be a good few hours down at the shop.

So what have we got here then, well there's three units absent from my clearly over ambitious list that I compiled at the start, that's the Raven, Dev Squad and Assault Squad, but what I do have is seven units, four Elites one Heavy support and Troops and one HQ.
I would say the best thing about this for me is the fact it's forced me to hit a dead line, of sorts, to finish off a few outstanding units that have been cluttering up my desk.

The things I've learnt from this toe in the water are....

Give yourself more TIME to plan, I would say six months would be a more realistic timeline to put your all in to Armies on Parade.

You don't really need a GW tile, sure I've used one here but it was second hand and next year if I don't build over this I'll be using MDF.

If you do use a tile hills are great but sloping sides mess with model positioning, if I were to have painted the whole list I compiled at the start I would of struggled to place them on this board, so forward plannings the way to go.

So all in all I'm happy and cant wait till Saturday, next year I'll remember my seven P's and give it a good crack whether that will be my Scythes again I'm not sure but I have already got a couple on idea's floating around.


  1. Congrats, as I've always maintained [and my opinion has been borne out by the removal of the board as a requirement in AoP] it's the Army that is on show. This is what you've achieved so far and although you didn't quite manage all you set out to do, the great thing is you can compare these pics to what you do next year.

    Good luck and have a great day.

    I've spoken to my manager and they were hoping to prepare everything on the Friday night, although I'm a little reluctant to have all my nids instore overnight. So I'm hoping to set up early Saturday morning. I also have to leave by about 3:30 which will mean less votes but if I'm honest it's the taking part that counts, of course I can say that because I won last year. Should I not win anything I'll no doubt be miffed but right now I can profess to be unconcerned about the results ;).

    1. Thanks Dave and hope you have a good day aswell.

      I think your in with a good chance I've seen your mini's fella, our manager want's the boards at the shop before 1pm on Saturday and votes will be taken then and over the weekend as he's putting them on the stores Facebook page, results on monday.

      And yeah I wouldn't have my mini's in store overnight either, it's just a piece of mind thing.