Tuesday, May 23, 2017

H.O.W. to: Iron Warriors Hazard Stripes.

Hi guys, I've been asked a few times how I paint my hazard stripes so thought I would knock up a little post explaining how I achieve painting them.

Now then if your looking for nice crisp stripes straight out of the Iron Warriors armoury then you will be disappointed, My style of painting these mighty Astartes is based on battle worn armies of the IV Legion.

Here's a list of paints used.
  1. Averland Sunset.
  2. Yriel Yellow.
  3. Casandora Yellow.
  4. Leadbelcher.
  5. 50/50 mix of Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade.
  6. Vallejo mahagony.
  7. Vallejo Black.

First up I get my final silver colour down with all the shading and so on that I'm happy with then crack on with painting in detail including the hazard stripes, You can see in this photo that I've already painted the packs and knee pads black.

I've found that for what I need (meaning the war torn look) I do not have to apply layer upon layer upon layer of thinned yellows to cover, Which is especially right as I'm only covering a light silver and not a dark colour, Add to that the weathering I do after means I really don't see the need for a perfect yellow base colour.

The first colour I use is Averland Sunset which is applied to all the areas where I want the stripes, I thin the paint with a little water to get a smooth finish, Again though guys I do thin paints but not that much as I'm not into tons of layers of yellow to cover....just don't let your paints dry and try to keep a wet edge on the miniature so work quickly.

The second coat is a mix of Averland and Yriel Yellow thinned with a little with water, The third coat is pure Yriel Yellow and the last coat I use is Casandora Yellow shade.

Painting a number of miniatures at one time will ensure that the first one you paint will be dry by the time you reach the end of the batch for the second coat ...and so on.

Averland Sunset..

Averland Sunset and Yriel Yellow.

Yriel Yellow.

Casandora Yellow.

So then now the yellow base colours down lets start on the stripes, I do all my stripes free hand which isn't as hard as it sounds, Yeah the first few marines I painted the strips were not so good but that all determines where the battle damage go which covers mistakes anyway.

Try to visualize where you want the stripes, how many and what thickness on the parts you have already prepared with yellow.

I use Vallejo Model Colour Black for the stripes thinned with water, Try to paint straight lines in one stroke then colour it in, Do this again and again methodically building up the stripes till you've finished an area, As always keep your paint wet don't let it start to dry out so add more water when needed, The paint will run off your brush much better and make it easier for you.

When I get to this stage I look at where the imperfections of the stripes are which will in turn determine where i put most of the weathering, damage, scratches etc.

I use Vallejo Mahagony (watered down a lot as it's a very strong colour) to shade the yellow slightly at the edges of the armour plates, I then drybrush Leadbelcher on those same edges all the way around clipping rivets and other detail.

When finished I wash the Leadbelcher areas with the 50/50 mix of Nuln Oil and Earthshade, I also add this to the creases of the armour plates around rivets and so on.

The final stage is to add a few scratches and paint tops of rivet heads with Leadbelcher then I'm done.

So then guys there you have it yeah its not perfect and there's a few stages before I reach the finish line but that's hazard stripes for ya and what makes our Legion unique.

Hope this has been helpful, Happy painting.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

SHOWCASE: Iron Warriors Volkite support squad.

Hi guys
At long last I have something to show for my 2017 painting efforts, Well it took a while to get going but I seem to be on a roll now.......well for me at least.

Loving the Volkite Caliver squad with their pre-heresy feel, I was thinking of adding some sort of glow to the Calivers like that you would find on Plasma weapons but in the end I just liked the look of them how they were, I did however add a little purple wash to the end of the guns to show some heat burn which I think looks quite effective.


A few random shots of the squad members, Very happy with how the hazard stripes turned out.

Well that's it for now just waiting for next Saturday at Warhammer Fest so I can buy another IW's transfer sheet to finish off my 15 strong tactical squad ...yeah that's right guys they are done, Another Showcase coming soon.

Happy painting. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

WIP: IW's Breachers.

Hi guys, Well its been a while but I feel I'm finally back in the grove.

I was up late last night building these little fellas (past 12 on a school nite tut tut), Really enjoyed these minis hardly had any mould lines on them, I'm leaving off the shields and guns to paint separate as i think it will be easier that way.

I've built two squads of ten, First squad with a power fist and two Melta-guns the second with two flamers and a Combi-flamer.

So that's it for now, I still have some Tac's to finish for a complete squad of 15 and i also have a Volkite support squad in the pipe, Happy painting.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Nothing doing.

So then guys after my big plans for this years modelling posted up for all to see in Jan I have so far failed to finish anything.

A few reasons for this, I'm lazy plus family life take first spot for all my free time.

I'm not one to share personal stuff but hey I've felt like screaming this out loud for the longest time, I just need to get this down somewhere, Get it off my chest, sorry.

My mum died this year in February, I knew it was coming because we were told Nov last year that she had about six months left, well she lasted three.
I've had a strange relationship with my mum over the last 43yrs some her fault and some mine, As I've got older and come to my senses I've realized not everyone is cut out to be a parent especially when your a single parent with mental illness like my mum was, I loved my mum and still do and are at a loss to understand why this is still killing me inside so much as it did the day she died, I think about her all the time and miss her so much.

Every day I put a face on and get on with life, It's been just over two months now and I'm sure things will get easier, My three boys have been a great distraction with the oldest being a rock through it all.

Yeah this is all life stuff and it happens but this is my life and its happening right now, To think I'm now the head of the family, all be it a small one, makes me laugh, You would too if you knew me.

Rest in peace Mum X.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

WIP: IW's Deredeo Patten Dreadnought part 2.

Hi guys, Well it's the 8th of Jan so i should really get my ass into gear and crack on, Christmas and New Year have well and truly gone so it's time for some modelling.

Very happy with these heavy Lascannons from Forge World.

I was thinking of magnetizing the main guns but so many ends to play with and then getting them straight afterwards seemed too much like hard work, Limited time on earth and all that.

I've tried to do a little work on the helmet like i did with the Leviathans, Not 100% sure about it but I'm sticking so will wait and see how it looks when it's all painted up.

Did a bit on the Launchers mast, It's the end of a FW snipers rifle and a length of paper clip.

I've used some parts from a GW Imp Knight for my base detail along with a few skulls, looking forward to painting it...love making bases.

Some pic's of the miniature on base all be it half built.


Monday, January 2, 2017

Open Day Greatness Jan 2017: Legio Custodes.

Hi guys, Looks like the old bank accounts going to take a knock over the next few months.

Some beautiful miniatures on show.

Loving these Custodes Contemptors with all their weapon options.

Seems we have a name for the weapons on the Pallas Grav-Attack (which are fielded as squadrons if you so wish) and Coronus Grav-Carrier and that's the Blaze Cannon.


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Mini Resolutions: 2017

Hi guys, All the best and a happy new year to you all.

Well it's that time of year again where i take stock of the miniature situation with projects I'm currently into and also others that i have an interest in which could get started in 2017.

First off let me say that I'm a total git for buying minis and shelving them, Now i can say I'll stop doing this and try to make some headway into the small but significant stockpile i already own before i buy any more, But as we all know guys thats total crap, I know there will be some miniatures in the future that I'll just have to buy or GW will release another HH boxed game in 2017 (with any luck MkII armour) and then there's all those event miniatures that I'll want for conversions and so on.

So guys the plan is to list a few things/potential projects I'm interested in and the minis i own that would if i was to go ahead with them fit in and ease the stockpile somewhat...it's a plan... best laid and all that.

The army's that interest me:
  • Iron Warriors
  • Thousand Sons
  • Imperial Knights with Solar Auxilia allied detachment
  • Mechanicum Taghmata

Iron Warriors, As you guys know I'm already up and running with these fellas and will most likely be my main focus for next year as I've got quite a few models bought ahead of time for them, I am however spending alot time converting this army so maybe a slow grower for 2017, Looking forward to converting/painting loads of great stuff for them.

Minis bought but unpainted:
  • 3x Proteus Landraiders
  • 20x MkIII Breachers
  • Typhon Siege Tank
  • Death Guard Contemptor (conversion project)
  • 20x MkII Marines
  • Deredeo Dreadnought
  • 10x MkIII Marines

Thousand Sons, Well I'm a sucker for a hard luck story and i do like the Egyptian space wizard vibe they've got going on, This would give me chance to try my hand at those clear paints that i like the look of with pre-shading and all that. New techniques to learn...should be fun.

Minis bought but unpainted:
  • 60x Mk IV Marines (BatC boxset)
  • Stormeagle  Gunship
  • 6x Scimitar Jetbikes
  • 20x Achean Helmets
  • 20x MkIV Helmets

Imperial Knights with Solar Auxilia detachment, Very surprised that i haven't bought one of these Cerastus class Knights as there flaming awesome bits of kits and no mistake,  and with the new beast that is the Porphyrion being up for sale now I don't think I'll be able to hold off much longer.

Always liked the Steampunk feel and think our friends the Solar Auxilia are more than half way there with their ding dong aesthetics, They have been at the back of my mind for some time now and on a couple of occasions down at Warhammer Towers have bought a squad or two only to be shelved back at home....tut tut.

Minis bought but unpainted:
  • Lasrifle Section
  • Flamer Section
  • Aegis Defence Line

Mechanicm, Don't know what to say about these really, I keep buying the odd model because i like the look of them (magpie syndrome) the last one been a Vultarax Stratos-Automata, but then no clue as to what to do ha, I think I'll be keeping this low in points 2000, and maybe looking to follow the Legio Cybernetica Cohort as a army full of mostly walkers sounds so cool.

Minis bought but unpainted:
  • Vultarax Stratos-Automata
  • 9x Thallax Cohort
  • Thanatar Calix Siege-Automata
  • 3x Vorax Battle-Automata

After that I still have miniatures and other things that i would like to paint.

Bloodbowl for instance will get some love over 2017, I also have five Legio Custodes that will have to be painted at some point and that Calladius Grav-Tank looks the business (which i ordered a few days ago...see what i mean) although painting all that gold scares the hell out of me, And then theres a zone mortalis force i would like the build not to mention one day buying a Titan.

So loads to think about over the next twelve months and I'm sure priorities will change with new ideas and inspiration coming all the time....but best to have a plan yeah.

......Iron Within