Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Scythes Techmarine.

Thunderfire Tech Finished.....

Hi guys, well at long last I've finished my Scythes Thunderfire Cannon Techmarine, to be honest though it was only the servo-harness I was dragging my feet over, other things come up and it gets put to one side you know how it is, but yeah I'm really happy with how its turned out.

For the main body of the Techmarine I've used an Iron Hands Immortal and think it fits the part nicely, I've changed the bottom two Servo-Arms with those off a Servitor I had to change the look slightly.

The little wrist held computer came from a FW Master of Signal and I thought it would work well on this mini as he's already tilting his head slightly, the stock right arm finishes the look off, it's as if he's about to input data or something like that, ha.

Just like I have on my Terminator's and Dread's I've used GW's Doombull Brown (watered down) to show weathered streaks on the yellow side panels.


  1. Great looking tech-marine. Looks like he's getting ready to enter the targeting data for the TFC.

  2. Thanks Hudson, it took me a long time to get around to painting the servo-harness but I'm glad I did, its one more mini finished now and I'm happy with its looks.

  3. Very nice! How did you do the chapter symbol? Transfers? Which ones?

    1. Cheers lars, Yeah the transfers were home made mate, Just bought some A4 water slide decal paper and ran it through the printer with the Sythes image...bit of spray varnish on the paper afterwards then your good to go.