Monday, October 27, 2014

Armies on Parade.

Boards on show....

Hi guys, well as promised I've sorted through a shed load of photos I took the other day at Games Workshops Armies on Parade event. As I thought I had a great time taking to other modelers and painters and it was a shame I had to leave at 3pm but family commitments and all that.

There were eight boards on show including mine, I wont be showing my board in this post as I think you have seen enough of it, ha.

Anyway on with the pictures after the Jump.

This is Dave's Space wolves, I got taking to him quite alot about the hobby great guy, he used LED lights in the headlights of the Razor back and also on the Imperial Knight.

This is the first of the two fantasy boards, the Chaos one has been painted by a 14 year old lad!

This is a board from Ash, he's one of the GW staff and has some cracking free hand skills.

Not sure I can pick my favorite out of these two Ork boards really do like the Mech Giant though he was spotted later on in the day sporting a small plastic Bowler hat lol, see if you can find him.


Here's a crazy acid trip board for you, far out man!!.     Great stuff!.


  1. Thanks for snagging these photos! Loving those orks!

  2. No probs Greg, Im loving the Ork Giant, he's Awesome!

  3. Thanks for sharing all the pictures showing our great armies Jamie.

  4. No prob's Dave, it was a great day and I can't wait till next year's, hope to bump into you next time Im down GW.