Monday, September 29, 2014

Armies on Parade, pt2.

Update part 2....


Hi guys, just a little update to show you where I'm at with 26 days left before the dead line, I've got a little further with my two Dreads, working on all four arms, the rear power plants and the second torso so its all coming together although painting slows down a bit when it comes to the detail, but I'm trying to be speedy without rushing them if you know what I mean.

I thought I would show you this picture as it gives a fair impression of where I'm heading style wise with the two Ironclads, I'm really happy with how it looks and cant wait till the Dreads are complete.

Finally layed my hands on a tile all be it a second hand one, interesting colour scheme that the previous owner had started but its not something I'll be running with, so a warm soapy bath it was to get rid of dirt dust and greasy finger marks, the water was filthy I can tell you, but the tiles ok.

Really glad it has a hill as it's saved me a job,  and so what to do with those skull pits, I'm not a big fan to be honest there's just too many don't get me wrong I like the odd dead guy detail but this is just nut's, it had me thinking where are the rest of the bones, why just skulls.

So out came the green stuff , I'm sure there is another product that better for this but it was at hand and times ticking!.

I was thinking of some sort of martian bubbling swamp thingie (?), it was easy to do I just pressed green stuff over the skulls flattened it out and tried to smooth all finger prints marks away, then with the opposite end of a model brush potted the surface with various sized holes.

Then I rolled small balls of green stuff and placed them in a few holes leaving some as if a couple of the air pockets had risen and burst, well that's the idea anyway.

I'm not totally sure what colour I will paint them, I want a contrasting colour to martian red but also not too bright, I might opt for that colour I painted on my martian trees, a kind of mustard yellow colour, or antoher thought is a really dark grey drybrushed up and washed with black ink, then use ardcoat (varnish) to give the impression of liquid.
Not sure, any thoughts guys.


  1. I'm struggling with it too. I was going to keep the skulls but my current standard for reclamation pits is lime green, which although effective would be too much of a contrast I think. I originally did a reclamation pit as mustard yellow, and as my foliage is that colour think it'd be less jarring to the eye. My last alternative is a glossy black, so i'm in a similar boat to you. I think yellow is the sensible option though...

  2. Those blobbing pools look cool I can "hear" them popping ;) Contrast always comes with value or complementary color. So I would probably try a very dark green or a greenish yellow. But with yellow you always draw attention away from your minis. Really tricky task, as the martian soil is so bright.

  3. Thanks Dave & Tuskar, it is a problem, the only thing Im certain of right now is that I dont want it to be a bright lumnious colour.

  4. Gloss black? Like a tar maybe?

    Great work on the scythes btw, one of my favourite chapters, just so tragic and heroic. I'll follow with interest.

  5. Thanks Sheep, yeah that may be a goer, a staff member at my local GW said the same a few days ago.

    Sill painting the rocks and basecoat at the moment but will have to tackle that part soon.